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  • CARIS LinkedIn group - 500 members strong 2012/08/17

    CARIS is pleased to announce that the CARIS LinkedIn group is rapidly expanding and has grown to over 500 members! This is a great accomplishment for CARIS as we’re happy to provide an environment for new and existing CARIS users to congregate. The CARIS LinkedIn group is a great place …

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  • CARIS/Kongsberg demonstration in the United Arab Emirates 2012/08/17

    CARIS' Ottokarl Büchsenschütz-Nothdurft pictured giving a HIPS and SIPS demonstration.CARIS' Alliance Partner, Unique Systems FZE, successfully organized a series of one-day demonstrations over a four-day period in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Live survey sessions were demonstrated onboard one of Bayanat’s (formerly Military Survey Department) survey vessels, which w…

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  • Bathymetric and Topographic Solutions for Environment Agency Geomatics 2012/08/17

    Multibeam data provided by Environment Agency Geomatics.The Environment Agency's Geomatics team, located in the United Kingdom, recently purchased CARIS HIPS and SIPS and BASE Editor to further increase their processing and analysis capabilities.

    Environment Agency Geomatics is a leader in high quality LIDAR survey, bathymetric surveys and remote s…

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  • CARIS LOTS for Thailand 2012/08/03

    CARIS' Burns Foster pictured with Royal Thai Navy staff.Thailand recently became the latest coastal nation to select CARIS LOTS for the delineation of their maritime limits and boundaries. Thailand is now one of more than sixty countries, including a large number in the South East Asia region, which have selected the specialized geodetic toolkit t…

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  • NOAA creates geospatial PDFs with Plot Composer 2012/08/03

    NOAA's new PDF chart productNOAA's Hydrographic Surveys Division (HSD) has recently added an exciting new chart product deliverable, the Geospatial PDF: a PDF with georeferencing stored within it. This new product is being created using new functionality specifically requested by HSD and released in CARIS Plot Composer …

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  • New online forum for Bathy DataBASE users 2012/08/03

    CARIS has created a new online forum to bring together the Bathy DataBASE user community. The new forum is a great place for users to discuss ideas, ask questions and maintain relationships with fellow users, including CARIS Bathy DataBASE development and support personnel.

    The forum consists …

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  • LiDAR testing in BASE Editor 2012/08/03

    LiDAR point cloud of CARIS HQ in the BASE Editor software.The CARIS Canada technical support team recently got their hands on a Dynascan portable LiDAR system. The LiDAR was kindly loaned to CARIS by MosaicHydro of Vancouver, BC, Canada. The LiDAR was mounted on the roof rack of an SUV and was positioned using a GPS base station provided by Genivar

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  • New customer satisfaction survey 2012/08/03

    CARIS has launched a new customer satisfaction survey to ensure that we are providing the best service possible. The new customer satisfaction survey will be prompted when an active service request is closed on the CARIS HelpDesk and will provide an easy opportunity to give feedback.

    The brief…

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  • Updated access to annual license string 2012/08/03

    We are improving the way you access your annual license string for CARIS software. In addition to the current method of receiving license strings by email, we’ve made it possible to obtain your license file from the Online Customer Service (OCS) website.

    Previously license strings were a…

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  • 2013 Calendar contest - Enter your favourite CARIS imagery 2012/07/23

    CARIS' popular calendar contest is back! Submissions for the 2013 calendar contest are now being accepted. CARIS is encouraging users of its software to enter their favourite CARIS imagery.

    CARIS Calendar Contest 2012 overall winning image, produced by Mike Stecher of Solmar Hydro Inc.

    CARIS' c…

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  • Surveying Vassivière Lake 2012/07/20

    Last October ENSTA Bretagne, an engineering school in France; the University of Ghent in Belgium; and the HCU University in Germany, together with the Interdisciplinary Centre for the Development of Ocean mapping (CIDCO) in Canada, conducted an intensive hydrographic and topographic survey tr…

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  • Brazilian Navy continues implementation of Bathy DataBASE 2012/07/20

    The Diretoria de Hidrografía e Navegacao (DHN) of the Brazilian Navy continues to advance in its implementation of Bathy DataBASE. Last week, DHN completed a customized training course with CARIS’ Eduardo Infante, to learn how to populate their Bathy DataBASE with data collected …

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  • Royal Malaysian Navy Upgrades to Paper Chart Composer 2012/07/20

    National Hydrographic Centre (NHC), Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) recently upgraded their CARIS GIS licenses to the new Paper Chart Composer, the successor to GIS, for production of their paper charts in accordance with IHO standards. NHC has been a user of GIS, which originally ran on a UNIX pl…

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  • First open source initiative for CARIS 2012/07/18

    CARIS, the world's leading marine GIS organization, has released its first open source API. CARIS OSCAR-js, a JavaScript Map API, allows you to create and embed custom web maps on your website.

    The API was created to help shape CARIS Spatial Fusion Enterprise and includes tools for navigation,…

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  • CARIS software used in the search and discovery of sunken tugboat 2012/07/06

    Sunken tugboat shown in CARIS HIPS and SIPS with an image of the nearby bridge in the background. Image courtesy of Port Metro Vancouver and PWGSC.On June 28, 2012, the tugboat Sea Cap VII capsized upstream of the New West Rail Bridge in the Fraser River. The tugboat was assisting another tugboat when the incident occurred. Thankfully no crew members were badly injured.

    As a result of the incident, Port Metro Vancouver contracted Public …

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  • Visit onboard the HMS Protector 2012/07/06

    CARIS’ Corey Collins and UKHO’s Tim Lewis in front of the Royal Navy vessel, HMS Protector.The impressive survey and ice patrol ship, HMS Protector, was recently in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada for a port call. CARIS, Canadian Hydrographic Service, and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Science were invited onboard by HMS Protector and Tim Lewis from the United Kingdom Hydrogra…

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  • Paper Chart Composer training in Poland 2012/07/06

    CARIS’ Charles de Jongh shown with HOPN staff members.CARIS recently conducted one of the first Paper Chart Composer training courses at the Hydrographic Office of the Polish Navy (HOPN) in Gdynia, Poland. The nautical cartography department of HOPN has been using CARIS GIS since 1999 and has now decided to upgrade their chart production tools t…

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  • Advanced training at Chilean Hydrographic Service 2012/07/06

    CARIS’ Edurado Infante with members of the Chilean Hydrographic Service.CARIS’ Edurado Infante was recently at the Chilean Hydrograhphic Service (SHOA) in Valparaiso, Chile for a three week training course. The advanced training was for SHOA’s continental shelf processors and bathymetry processors on CARIS HIPS and SIPS, Bathy DataBASE and LOTS.

    SHOA h…

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  • CARIS' Dr. Salem Masry, C.M. appointed to the Order of Canada 2012/07/06

    CARIS’ Dr. Salem Masry, C.M. appointed to the Order of CanadaCARIS is very pleased to announce that Dr. Salem Masry, Founder, President and CEO of CARIS, has been appointed to the Order of Canada for his contributions as an innovator and entrepreneur in the fields of geographical information and digital mapping technology.

    Dr. Masry completed his PhD st…

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  • HPD training at SHOM 2012/07/06

    CARIS’ Nadia Thériault with SHOM staff during HPD training.CARIS was recently at Services Hydrographie et Oceanographie de la Marine (SHOM) in Brest, France for a training course on CARIS HPD. The two-week long training course focused on the creation of ENC and paper charts and was led by CARIS’ Nadia Thériault.

    By the end of the year, th…

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  • Successful CARIS 2012 conference 2012/07/05

    On June 25-28, 2012 CARIS hosted the largest gathering of CARIS users at CARIS 2012, its 14th International User Group Conference. The four-day conference saw a record number of delegates in attendance from a variety of nations across the globe from government organizations, defence, hydrogra…

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  • CARIS 2012 is finally here! 2012/06/22

    CARIS 2012 – the largest international gathering of CARIS users.The event we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! The largest international gathering of CARIS users – CARIS 2012 – kicks off on Monday, June 25.

    This four-day conference is jammed packed with dedicated boot camps, engaging user group meetings and a roster of exceptional …

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  • HIPS and SIPS open training course in Australia 2012/06/22

    CARIS Asia Pacific's Daniel Kruimel with the participants of the open HIPS and SIPS training course.CARIS recently held an open HIPS and SIPS training course in Perth, Australia. The course was held at Training Choice and was coordinated and delivered by Daniel Kruimel and Christian Fellinger of CARIS Asia Pacific.

    The course attracted attendees from defence, government organizations, resear…

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  • Learn about our latest software advancements at CARIS 2012 2012/06/01

    Learn about our latest software advancements at CARIS 2012 In addition to world class keynotes and our packed roster of technical presentations at this year’s international user group conference, each paper session will begin with a CARIS technology showcase delivered by our top experts. Attending CARIS 2012 will bring you up-to-date on our lat…

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  • CARIS HPD selected to manage marine data of the Panama Canal 2012/06/01

    The Atlantic Third Set of Locks project located between the existing Gatun Locks and the Jose Dominador Bazan community.The partnership between CARIS and the Panama Canal Authority continues to develop. It started in 2010 with CARIS software being selected to produce Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) for the Canal. Now, the Panama Canal Authority has become the latest organization to choose HPD for their ma…

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  • CARIS to present at Geo Maritime conference 2012/06/01

    CARIS to present at Geo Maritime conferenceCARIS will join a list of top industry leaders at the Geo Maritime conference being held in London, UK during June 13 – 14, 2012. The conference will address strategic, technical and operational challenges on geospatial information in the maritime surveillance sector.

    Immediately after l…

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  • S-57 Composer 2.3 now available 2012/06/01

    S-57 Composer 2.3 now available CARIS is pleased to announce the release of S-57 Composer 2.3, the next-generation desktop application for electronic production of S-57 Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC), Additional Military Layers (AML), Inland ENC (IENC) and Digital Nautical Charts (DNC). The release of 2.3 marks a 'ret…

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  • CARIS 2012 update 2012/05/17

    Rear Admiral Ian Moncrieff, Chief Executive of the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office.Rear Admiral Ian Moncrieff to speak at CARIS 2012
    CARIS is delighted to announce the addition of Rear Admiral (Retd) Ian Moncrieff, Chief Executive of the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office, to the CARIS 2012 opening session.

    Rear Admiral Ian Moncrieff became the Chief Executive of the United …

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  • HPD Raster Charting enhancements for UKHO 2012/05/17

    Andy Hoggarth and Sara Cockburn from CARIS (front left) with UKHO's Richard Carpenter, Ellen Davis, Simon Baldwin, Andy Bussell (back row), Aled Evans and Robin Coomber (front).The details of a development project with the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) to enhance the raster chart production capabilities of CARIS HPD were recently finalized in Taunton, UK. The project will ultimately result in the decommissioning of the legacy "Abrahams Revelations" syste…

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  • CARIS and the S-102 bathymetric surface product specification 2012/05/17

    Filtered ENC and S-102 in the background.The new S-102 standard for gridded bathymetric surfaces is currently in development under the auspices of the IHO TSMAD committee. This effort is being lead by the Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) and the US Naval Oceanographic Office (NAVO). The CHS completed an experiment in the producti…

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  • CARIS LOTS now supports Windows 7 2012/05/17

    CARIS LOTS now supports Windows 7 CARIS is pleased to announce the release of CARIS LOTS 4.1. This latest release brings support for installations of Microsoft Windows 7, and continued support for Microsoft Windows XP. This incremental release brings functional enhancements to the Median line tool, Utilities, and SEG-Y Analyz…

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  • New self-paced online training course for CARIS S-57 Composer 2012/05/04

    One of the many training videos that show you how to create and update ENCs.CARIS is pleased to announce the launch of a new self-paced online training course. The S-57 Composer online training course is an introductory course that teaches the workflow and functionality in the CARIS S-57 Composer software for the production of S-57 Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC…

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  • CARIS 2012 Many ways to save 2012/05/04

    Delegates at our last user conference, CARIS 2010, in Miami, Florida, USA enjoying some of the networking events.Our 14th International User Group Conference, CARIS 2012, is shaping up to be one of the best conferences to date. With dedicated boot camps and user group meetings to strengthen your expertise in our Ping-to-Chart solution and industry presentations from fellow CARIS users, CARIS 2012 will b…

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  • CARIS Attends XVIIIth International Hydrographic Conference 2012/05/04

    CARIS Attends XVIIIth International Hydrographic Conference The XVIIIth International Hydrographic Conference (IHC) was held in Monaco April 23 to 27. Delegates from International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) Member States and Observers from around the world were in attendance for the meetings to provide guidance on the operations and work of the o…

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  • CARIS hosts pre-conference workshop at CHC 2012 2012/04/20

    CARIS hosts pre-conference workshop at CHC 2012 CARIS will be hosting a free half day pre-conference workshop in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada on Monday, May 14 at Canadian Hydrographic Conference (CHC) 2012.

    The workshop will provide an informative introduction to Bathy DataBASE, a powerful system for the management and analysis of bathym…

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  • Bathymetric analysis of Bulls Scarp, a complex shelf-edge promontory extending into the Gulf Stream off Charleston, SC 2012/04/20

    Bathymetric analysis of Bulls Scarp, a complex shelf-edge promontory extending into the Gulf Stream off Charleston, SC During the recent 2012 Ocean Sciences meeting held in Salt Lake City, Utah, 12 undergraduate students presented eight studies during a poster session on emerging research on the global ocean and society, including science education, outreach and public policy.

    In addition to student contributi…

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  • Special room rate for CARIS 2012 delegates - Deadline May 6 2012/04/20

    Superior/deluxe guest room at the Four Seasons Vancouver.CARIS 2012 will be hosted June 25-28 at the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. At the hub of this international centre of commerce, culture and natural beauty is the cosmopolitan Four Seasons Vancouver, just steps away from the unique blend of distinctive ele…

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  • CARIS releases next-generation paper chart production solution 2012/04/20

    CARIS announces the worldwide availability of Paper Chart Composer, the next-generation desktop software application for paper chart production.

    Paper Chart Composer represents the future in desktop production of nautical paper charts. The successor to the long-trusted CARIS GIS product, Paper…

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  • Cruise Vancouvers picturesque shoreline at CARIS 2012 2012/04/09

    CARIS 2012 delegates will enjoy a fabulous dinner during this year’s user group conference. Conference attendees will spend an evening onboard the elegant yacht Sunset Bay II that will cruise past the spectacular Vancouver cityscape, Convention Centre, and famous Pan Pacific Sails. It w…

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  • Successful workshop on Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure held in Sri Lanka 2012/04/09

    In the foreground, students from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Kenya demonstrate excellent teamwork to define a data model for their Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure.Attendees from Bangladesh, Comoros, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Tanzania successfully completed an International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) capacity building workshop on Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure, hosted by the Sri Lankan National Aqua…

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  • Engineering Analysis Module training for CHS - Quebec Region 2012/04/09

    Reference model in Engineering Analysis Module.The Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) Quebec Region is the latest organization to implement CARIS’ Engineering Analysis Module, the latest technology for scaling and analyzing elevation datasets within ports and waterways.

    CARIS’ David Brodie was recently at the CHS – Quebe…

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  • Flemish Hydrography upgrades their processing solution 2012/04/09

    CARIS’ Michal Borkowski (far left) teaching HIPS and SIPS in Antwerp.Flemish Hydrography has recently upgraded their current bathymetric data post-processing, analysis and storage solution with the purchase of 10 licenses of the CARIS HIPS and SIPS software.

    For hands-on training of the new workflow, Flemish Hyrography surveyors attended two training sessions i…

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  • Upcoming HIPS and SIPS training in Australia 2012/04/09

    CARIS is pleased to offer an open HIPS and SIPS training course for marine and hydrographic professionals in Perth, Western Australia. The training course is scheduled for May 28 – June 1, 2012.

    This training will be a comprehensive session on leading data processing, visualization, qual…

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  • Gearing up for CARIS 2012 2012/03/23

    Gearing up for CARIS 2012 CARIS 2012, our 14th International User Group Conference, is only three months away and is shaping up to be a great event. CARIS 2012 attendees are coming from all over the world, including the Americas, Australasia, Asia and Europe regions.

    The four-day conference will host boot camps, user g…

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  • Free Water Column Imaging webinar 2012/03/23

    Gas seep in the water column data (EM3002 data supplied by University of New Brunswick Ocean Mapping Group).CARIS will be hosting free "Discover the difference with Water Column Imaging" webinars about the latest water column technology in CARIS HIPS and SIPS, the leading hydrographic data processing software.

    Join CARIS for this informative 45 minute seminar by registering for one of the following …

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  • HIPS and SIPS training in Korea 2012/03/23

    Participants of the HIPS and SIPS training course in Seoul, South Korea.CARIS recently held a HIPS and SIPS training course in the Geumcheon-gu district of Seoul, South Korea. The training course was lead by CARIS’ Daniel Kruimel and Eduardo Infante. The course was coordinated and delivered through collaboration with HYUNDAI e-MARINE, the CARIS Alliance Par…

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  • A packed house at Oceanology International 2012/03/23

    CARIS’ Jeremy Nicholson, Isabelle Guilloton and Trish Groves at Oceanology International 2012CARIS recently attended Oceanology International 2012 held in London, UK. The event saw a record number of visitors from over 70 countries come together to hear about the latest ocean technologies.

    CARIS exhibited at the conference, demonstrating some of our latest hydrographic data processing…

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  • Temporal variations in bathymetry and morphology at Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary 2012/03/23

    Temporal variations in bathymetry and morphology at Gray’s Reef National Marine SanctuaryDuring the recent 2012 Ocean Sciences meeting held in Salt Lake City, Utah, 12 undergraduate students presented eight studies during a poster session on emerging research on the global ocean and society, including science education, outreach and public policy.

    In addition to stu…

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  • CARIS 2012 to include an Academic Poster Session 2012/03/09

    As our Academic Partnering Program continues to expand across the globe, more and more students are using the power of CARIS software in their educational pursuits and research activities. In an attempt to provide those students with an opportunity to interact with industry professionals from…

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  • Enhancing airborne LiDAR bathymetry with HIPS and SIPS 2012/03/09

    Calibration patch south of Sydney, Australia including orthomosaic imagery from system camera, Hawkeye data, and multibeam reference surface.Pelydryn, a hydrographic survey company based in the United Kindgom, is enhancing its airborne bathymetric LiDAR capabilities with the purchase of four additional licenses of HIPS and SIPS. Pelydryn provides a global service which specializes in gathering data in shallow and coastal waters.


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