CARIS AutoChart

Introducing CARIS AutoChart

Designed specifically to automate and streamline the nautical paper chart production workflow, CARIS AutoChart reduces production turnaround time and frees up valuable resources while maintaining the look and feel of your existing nautical paper chart portfolio.

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Reduce Nautical Paper Chart Production Turnaround Time

Provide mariners with the latest paper charts faster than ever

CARIS AutoChart automates the generation of paper charts in PDF and/or TIF formats from S-57 ENC files, significantly reducing or eliminating delays between the release of new S-57 ENC datasets and their corresponding paper charts. It creates each paper chart from a template file, populating it with relevant features from the matching S-57 ENC data. CARIS AutoChart handles the addition of borders, grids, marginalia information, depth contour labels, textual annotations, and masking as specified in the paper chart template. It also detects labels overlapping key navigation information and includes customizable label placement rules to automatically move labels and avoid conflicts.

Free up resources

CARIS AutoChart's versatility allows organizations to choose the approach that best fits their needs. Automated workflows enable resources to focus on complex tasks, such as the transition to S-100.

Fully Automated Workflow
Paper charts are generated with no manual intervention, ready for distribution with straightforward cartography.

Automated Workflow with Minor Corrections
Paper charts are generated automatically and can be reviewed and minimally adjusted by cartographers for more complex cartography.

Maintain current look and feel

Preserve the consistency of your existing paper chart portfolio
The paper charts generated by CARIS AutoChart adhere to your organization's existing specifications for colors, line patterns, symbology, and more. The resulting paper charts are created in both PDF and TIFF formats, as required by Hydrographic Offices for printing and distribution processes.

CARIS AutoChart can automatically create paper chart templates from your existing portfolio maintained with CARIS Paper Chart Editor or CARIS Paper Chart Composer.

Reproduced with the permission of the Canadian Hydrographic Service
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