S-100 Composer

S-100 Production Made Simple

S-100 production for S-101 ENC using CARIS' trusted desktop Composer software. Now based on the S-100 data model, supporting S-100 products while maintaining continuous support for S-57 production too.

Core Features

Production with confidence

Built on decades of domain experience, this user-friendly application allows new and experienced users to create S-100 products efficiently, and with the confidence that IHO, and other international and national, requirements can be met.

S-100 production

Create, manage and update products thanks to the inclusion of proven CARIS tools ensures the production of compliant products. Import and edit of geospatial features, including conversion of existing S-57 data (and other data) to S-100 data, to establish a new S-100 production line based on existing and new data.

S-57 production too

In addition to S-100 production, the S-100 Composer includes the S-57 Composer functionality to produce and maintain S-57 products. Including S-57 ENCs, AMLs, IENCs, HD ENCs, Bathy ENCs, MIOs, and more.

Feature Highlights of version 4

Here are the top new features in the latest release of S-57 Composer

JUL 3, 2019

S-100 Production

Support for the S-100 data model including new object types and complex attributes is the core of S-100 Composer. Built on the experience from S-57, and the many thousands ENCs produced, updated and validated, using this tool, the Composer to S-100 ready for the future production of ENCs and other product types, while maintaining S-57 production capabilities, so that S-57 production can continue too. Interoperability between S-57 and S-100 is provided by user-customizable mapping files that can automatically convert features between S-57 and S-100 product data models. S-100 datasets, including S-101 datasets, can be created, updated and exported to create S-100 Exchange Sets, including S-101 ENC Exchange Sets.


Validation tools for S-57 ENC Production have been upgraded to support the latest IHO S-58 Edition 7 ENC Validation Standard. Producers can be assured that their ENC products pass the new Minimum ENC Validation Checks directly increasing the confidence, reliability and consistency that mariners can place in these products.

Validation in accordance with IHO specifications for S-101 was not available from IHO at this time of completing this version.

Bathymetry Processing Tools

BASE Editor's industry leading bathymetry compilation toolkit is now accessible from within S-100 Composer. New optional add-on licensed modules for BDB Server Connection and Bathymetry Compilation provide users with access to features and coverages stored in a BDB Server database as well as a subset of tools from BASE Editor to support vector bathymetric feature compilation. It includes the ability to generate and process safe side contours, perform sounding selections, smooth bands and more.

Managing Temporary Features

New functionality has been added to support temporary and preliminary Notices to Mariner-type changes in ENC production. These features support changes such as temporarily repositioning a navigation buoy, or cases when a light is temporarily extinguished. Any ENC product created and exported within these dates will show the feature with its temporarily updated information.

To view a full list of enhancements available visit the S-100 Composer What's New page.

Technical Specifications

S-100 Composer



Recent generation multi-core CPU


16 GB of RAM


7200 RPM disk drive or solid-state drive, minimum 1 GB available for installation


NVidia or AMD display adapter, with an OpenGL 3.3 compatible GPU and 2GB of memory or greater

Operating System

Windows 10 Professional 64-bit, or Windows 11 Professional 64-bit

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