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  • BASE Editor training at CARIS USA 2012/03/09

    CARIS' Karen Hart and Josh Mode with BASE Editor training participants.CARIS USA recently held a BASE Editor training course at their office in Alexandria, Virginia. Participants came from the Naval Oceanographic Office, NOAA, and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

    The three-day BASE Editor training course focused on the software operation and workflow …

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  • SeaMap: A collaborative, undergraduate-focused Seafloor Mapping Program 2012/03/09

    SeaMap: A collaborative, undergraduate-focused Seafloor Mapping Program During the recent 2012 Ocean Sciences meeting held in Salt Lake City, Utah, 12 undergraduate students presented eight studies during a poster session on emerging research on the global ocean and society, including science education, outreach and public policy.

    In addition to student contributi…

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  • A new era for The Netherlands Hydrographic Service 2012/03/01

    The Royal Netherlands Navy has successfully executed the final contractual tests of its System for Hydrographic Information Processes - Part 2 (SHIP2) project. The SHIP2 project was implemented to produce a new production system for the Netherlands Hydrographic Office. The project will delive…

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  • Professor of Oceanography announced as a keynote speaker at CARIS 2012 2012/02/24

    John Delaney, Professor of Oceanography and Jerome M. Paros Endowed Chair in Sensor Networks at the University of WashingtonJohn Delaney, Professor of Oceanography and Jerome M. Paros Endowed Chair in Sensor Networks at the University of Washington, is the latest speaker to join our panel of keynotes at CARIS 2012.

    Delaney, who joined the University of Washington faculty in 1977, has published nearly 100 scientific…

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  • Latin America's largest port selects HIPS and SIPS 2012/02/24

    The Port of Santos, located in Santos, Brazil is the busiest container port in Latin America.The Port of Santos is located in the city of Santos, Brazil and is the largest port in Latin America. Known for being the busiest container port in Latin America, the port has been modernized in line with developments in the world of maritime technology.

    Santos Pilots has been responsible for …

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  • New methods for processing data workshop a success 2012/02/24

    CARIS’ Corey Collins and Daniel Kruimel presenting at the CARIS workshop at Shallow Survey 2012.CARIS hosted a full day workshop at Shallow Survey 2012 this week in Wellington, New Zealand. The weeklong conference focused on high resolution surveys in shallow waters.

    The workshop put on by CARIS’ HIPS and SIPS Product Manager, Corey Collins, and CARIS Asia Pacific, Daniel Kruimel, …

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  • The countdown to CARIS 2012 is on - Have you registered? 2012/02/10

    The countdown to CARIS 2012 is on – Have you registered? The countdown for CARIS 2012 is on. Our 14th International User Group Conference, which will be held June 25 – 28 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is quickly approaching. CARIS 2012 is an ideal opportunity for new and existing CARIS users to congregate and learn about the latest C…

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  • St. Kitts and Nevis adopt CARIS LOTS 2012/02/10

    St. Kitts and Nevis adopt CARIS LOTS CARIS is very pleased to announce that the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis has recently adopted CARIS LOTS to carry out their boundary delimitation tasks, as part of their Law of the Sea undertaking. The project, sponsored by the Commonwealth Secretariat, will be carried out by the Ministry…

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  • CARIS workshop at Shallow Survey 2012 2012/02/10

    CARIS will be hosting a free full day pre-conference workshop in Wellington, New Zealand on Monday, February 20 at Shallow Survey 2012.

    The workshop will cover topics such as the application of post processed kinematic positions to bathymetric data, Geocoder processing workflows, batch process…

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  • Five-day multibeam surveyor training course 2012/02/10

    Five-day multibeam surveyor training course MosaicHydro, in partnership with CARIS, is offering a five-day training course for surveyors new to multibeam echosounder surveys. Whether you are an experienced single beam surveyor or new to marine surveys, this course will teach you to be an effective multibeam operator and postprocessor.


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  • Latest service pack for HPD featuring Publication Module 2012/02/10

    The latest release of CARIS HPD has some exciting new enhancements. HPD now features the Publication Module option, which is a new set of tools allowing HPD users to create and maintain notice to mariners, list of lights and other publications together with ENCs and paper charts in the same c…

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  • Water Column Imaging in the latest service pack of HIPS and SIPS 2012/02/10

    The latest release of CARIS HIPS and SIPS is now available. HIPS and SIPS 7.1.1 now supports the reading and the displaying of Water Column Imaging data. Initial support for Water Column Imaging includes Kongsberg and Reson 7K sonars. Users can analysis the data directly in 2D or 3D without n…

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  • CARIS announces new Paper Chart Composer boot camp at CARIS 2012 2012/01/27

    CARIS announces new Paper Chart Composer boot camp at CARIS 2012 The release of the Paper Chart Composer, CARIS’ new desktop paper chart production software, is greatly anticipated by hydrographic offices worldwide. Built using the well established CARIS HPD technology, Paper Chart Composer is a must-have tool to meet the needs of modern chart compil…

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  • Latest service pack for Bathy DataBASE now available 2012/01/27

    Rendering showcasing the new real world colour palette feature in Bathy DataBASE.The latest release of Bathy DataBASE has some exciting enhancements including:

    • Export of the map window as a georeferenced PDF.
    • Enhanced Laser/LiDAR support allowing recorded real world colour palette to be used.
    • Ability to directly view and analyze near real time Kongsberg data from the SIS sys…
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  • CARIS welcomes new HIPS and SIPS user to the community 2012/01/27

    MICROARS, an engineering and services company from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, becomes the latest organization to join the HIPS and SIPS user community. HIPS and SIPS will allow them to efficiently process the large volumes of multibeam data that they are collecting for projects with companies li…

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  • CARIS LOTS training in Jamaica 2012/01/27

    Survey and Mapping division staff at Jamaica’s National Land Agency with CARIS’ Dan Morash during a CARIS LOTS training course.Dan Morash from CARIS was recently in Kingston, Jamaica teaching a five-day training course with the National Land Agency’s Survey and Mapping division on CARIS LOTS.

    The objective of the National Land Agency is to produce the most accurate equilibrium line possible between Jamaica and t…

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  • Register today for a chance to upgrade your stay at CARIS 2012 2012/01/01

    Register today for a chance to upgrade your stay at CARIS 2012 During June 25 – 28, 2012, CARIS will be hosting its 14th International User Group Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The four-day event, focusing on exploration and discovery, will feature several demonstrations, presentations, training camps, user group meetings and ne…

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  • Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey selects Bathy DataBASE 2012/01/01

    Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey (GMGS), under the China Geological Survey, is the most recent geological institute to select Bathy DataBASE to address their requirements for the analysis and management of high volume elevation data.

    GMGS utilizes a wide range of advanced instruments, includ…

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  • Schedule your next training course with CARIS 2012/01/01

    Current training course being held at CARIS head office on Bathy DataBASE with Laurel Technologies staff.As we usher in the new year, we look forward to another year packed full of CARIS training courses. At CARIS we offer an extensive series of training courses throughout the year at our head office in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada and our offices located across the world. Alternatively, w…

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  • Technical notes now available on CARIS Online Customer Services 2012/01/01

    Technical notes now available on CARIS Online Customer Services As part of our ongoing commitment to provide CARIS subscription members with technical support when they need it, we’ve recently added technical notes to the CARIS Online Customer Services website. Members can now login to the site and find a variety of technical notes on the CARIS prod…

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  • Discover the difference with water column imaging in HIPS and SIPS 2011/12/30

    Water column data in 3D (EM3002 data supplied by University of New Brunswick Ocean Mapping Group).CARIS' all in one hydrographic data processing solution, HIPS and SIPS, is about to become even more comprehensive with the integration of water column imaging. In the latest version of HIPS and SIPS 7.1.1, scheduled for release in January, you can see the difference water column data can mak…

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  • Looking to the future: mapping the world's oceans 2011/12/30

    Dr. Mark Masry presenting to a captivated audience at the goFred X conference.It's impossible to predict the future, but with the latest advancements in technology and an ever-changing world the power is in our hands. That was the focus at the first goFred X conference held in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

    Dr. Mark Masry, CARIS' Research and Development Manager, w…

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  • Bathy DataBASE for Royal Malaysian Navy 2011/12/30

    CARIS' Burns Foster facilitates a Bathy DataBASE workshop with National Hydrographic Centre in Malaysia.National Hydrographic Centre (NHC), Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) is the latest of a growing number of organizations to implement Bathy DataBASE to address their requirement for advanced analysis and management of historic and high-resolution elevation data.

    As part of NHC's hydrographic, oceanog…

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  • Advanced HIPS and SIPS open training in Australia 2011/12/30

    Participants of the advanced HIPS and SIPS training course in Cairns, Australia.CARIS recently held an advanced HIPS and SIPS training course in Cairns, Australia. The course was held at the Rydges Plaza Hotel and was coordinated and delivered by Daniel Kruimel and Christian Fellinger of CARIS Asia Pacific.

    The course attracted attendees from defence, government organizat…

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  • CARIS team in Rio de Janeiro 2011/12/30

    Dinner at the Consulate General of Canada in Rio de Janerio.CARIS partner Cesar Pimenta of Intelligent Maritime Solutions (IMS) coordinated a successful CARIS mission to Rio de Janerio, Brazil this December. Cesar was accompanied by CARIS' Juan Carballini and Andy Hoggarth for a week of client visits and business development. The social highlight of t…

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  • Mexico puts HPD to work 2011/12/16

    Mexico puts HPD to workIn order to improve their workflows the Mexican Navy has been working on the migration of their cartographic production from traditional desktop CARIS tools to the Hydrographic Production Database (HPD).

    New ENC and paper charts have been produced with HPD from new survey sources in the areas …

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  • Successful Bathy DataBASE workshop in Chile 2011/12/16

    CARIS' Eduardo Infante and Alejandro Geronés with members of the Hydrographic Services of Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Uruguay and Chile.CARIS has just completed a South American workshop on the use of Bathy DataBASE at the offices of the Servicio Hidrográfico y Oceanográfico de la Armada (SHOA), in Valparaiso, Chile. The workshop was coordinated and delivered by CARIS employees Eduardo Infante and Alejandro Gero…

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  • 2012 calendar winning entry 2011/12/16

    Mike Stecher of Solmar Hydro Inc. with his winning calendar image.Congratulations to Mike Stecher of Solmar Hydro Inc. for winning the CARIS 2012 calendar competition. His image taken from a recent multibeam inspection survey in Northern Washington was skillfully blended together with a photograph of the adjacent dam and was voted by CARIS staff as the over…

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  • Middle East Hydrographic User Conference in Dubai 2011/12/16

    Customers and exhibitors attending the MEHUC outdoor session at the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club.During its fifth Middle East Hydrographic User Conference, held November 13 to 16 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, CARIS partner Unique Maritime Group and the Dubai Municipality, showcased the latest hydrographic hardware and software to interested organizations from the region.

    The four-day co…

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  • UMG demonstrates live multibeam survey with Dubai Municipality during its Middle East Hydrographic User Conference 2011/12/13

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates – November 16, 2011 — During its fifth Middle East Hydrographic User Conference, held November 13 to 16, at Le Meridian Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Unique Maritime Group (UMG), one of the world's leading integrated turnkey subsea and offshore so…

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  • Vietnam Selects the CARIS Ping-to-Chart Solution 2011/11/18

    Vietnam’s Naval Hydrographic and Oceanographic Department (VNHOD), of the Vietnam People’s Navy, recently selected the CARIS Ping-to-Chart Solution to provide adequate and timely nautical chart and hydrographic data products for Vietnam coastal waters. VNHOD is the recognized…

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  • Opening Speaker Announced for CARIS 2012 2011/11/18

    The opening speaker for the CARIS 2012 International Users conference has been announced as the Honorable Keith Ashfield, Canada’s Minister of Fisheries and Oceans. The Department of Fisheries and Oceans is the home of our long-standing partner, the Canadian Hydrographic Service. Minist…

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  • Bahamas and Cuba define boundary with LOTS 2011/11/18

    On October 3rd, 2011, a maritime boundary agreement was signed in The Bahamas between the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and the Republic of Cuba. This agreement delineates a median line in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Law Of the Sea (UNCLOS). According to The Bahamas&rsq…

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  • HIPS and SIPS Seminar at RESON User Conference 2011/11/18

    CARIS USA's' Josh Mode explains the latest enhancement in the HIPS and SIPS softwareOver 20 people attended the CARIS HIPS and SIPS seminars at the RESON User Conference taking place in Jersey City, USA, this week. The seminar highlighted the latest processing workflows and techniques and included a sneak preview of our Water Column Imaging support for least depth detection.…

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  • CARIS USA training dates announced 2011/11/18

    Join the CARIS USA team at their Alexandria office for the following training courses:

    If you have news that you would like i…

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  • The Survey of 'Miracle Harbour' 2011/10/21

    Isabelle Guilloton, a hydrographic survey specialist with CARIS in the Netherlands, has just returned from a project led by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office to survey the artificial harbour in Arromanches-Les-Basin, Normandy, France. This harbour known as 'Mulberry B' and the breakwater…

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  • Haiti's First Step Towards Chart Production 2011/10/21

    Industry partners came together to support a capacity building workshop in Haiti, September 5th to 16th. The workshop is the first step to building hydrographic surveying and charting capacity in Haiti, which will improve safety of navigation, and expand marine commerce.

    Haiti's First Step Towards Chart ProductionThe workshop was spons…

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  • Try the Latest Spatial Fusion Enterprise 5.6 for Free 2011/10/21

    To coincide with the release of Spatial Fusion Enterprise (SFE) 5.6, CARIS is pleased to offer a free trial of the only web application implementing INSPIRE compliant OGC® Web services for the discovery of hydrographic data.

    Try the Latest Spatial Fusion™ Enterprise 5.6 for FreeAs part of the free trial, you will be able to participate in a w…

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  • CARIS Workshops at Hydro 2011: Down Under 2011/10/21

    Daniel and Christian from CARIS Asia Pacific are pleased to be running two workshops at this year’s Hydro 2011 conference in Fremantle, Australia. For more information and to register your attendance please click on the links below.

    November 7th, 8:30am to 12:30pm – Bathy DataBASE …

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  • Bathy DataBASE 3.2 Service Pack 1 released 2011/10/21

    Bathy DataBASE 3.2.1 is a minor release including enhancements to the CARIS Batch tool, Contour Wizard and a move to the latest BAG library, which provides new compression capabilities resulting in significant reduction in file size amongst other enhancements.

    To find out more please view the …

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  • CARIS offers free trial of its latest INSPIRE compliant software 2011/10/07

    With the latest release of Spatial Fusion Enterprise v5.6 CARIS is pleased to offer a free trial of its web mapping software allowing you to experience firsthand its capabilities.

    Along with several new and improved features, Spatial Fusion Enterprise has now implemented the latest View and F…

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  • Nautical Charting First for Nicaragua 2011/09/30

    The Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies (INETER) has embarked on a project with CARIS to produce the first nautical charts of Nicaragua. The Port of Corinto, the largest on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua was identified as the area that would benefit most from improved navigational cov…

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  • World's Leading Hydrographic Organizations Team-up to Help Survey "Miracle Harbour" 2011/09/23

    One of the artificial harbours that played a pivotal role in supplying the Allied forces who landed on D-day is to be surveyed using the latest hydrography software and survey techniques.

    In 1944, two artificial harbours, called Mulberries, were towed across the English Channel to help supply …

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  • Optimizing Your Bathymetric Data Webinar Now Available to Download 2011/09/23

    An edited version of the Bathy DataBASE webinar "Optimizing Your Bathymetric Data" is now available to download or to view on CARIS' YouTube Channel. If you missed the opportunity to view the webinar, or wish to view the demonstration once again, please visit our website:…

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  • Record Number of Entries for CARIS Calendar Contest 2011/09/23

    Judging from the number and quality of entries to the 2012 CARIS Calendar Contest, the 2012 Calendar is going to be the best yet. We would like to thank all who took the time to submit their CARIS software images.

    Shortlisted entries to the CARIS 2012 Calendar contest. CARIS employees from all of CARIS' offices vote for their favorite images.

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  • Goodbye to all Coastlines Readers from Alex Palmer 2011/09/23

    I would like to thank all readers of the Coastlines e-newsletter for their kind feedback. I will be leaving CARIS next week and am handing over the e-newsletter's reins on to Andrew Hoggarth. If you have news that you would like included in Coastlines please contact Andrew Hoggarth, Marketing…

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  • CARIS Calls for Entries to 2012 Calendar Contest 2011/09/09

    CARIS is encouraging users of its software to enter their geospatial datasets, maps, charts or 3D views to the 2012 CARIS Calendar Contest. The Contest represents a fantastic opportunity for the CARIS user community to showcase their favourite CARIS images.

    All winning images will be featured …

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  • HIPS and SIPS Training in the US 2011/09/09

    A three-day HIPS and SIPS training session has been scheduled at our US office in Alexandria, VA. This training will be a comprehensive session on leading data processing, visualization, quality control and product creation techniques using the latest HIPS & SIPS release - 7.1.

    HIPS and SI…

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  • Free CARIS HIPS and SIPS Seminar for Delegates of Reson User Conference 2011/09/09

    CARIS will be offering an afternoon hands-on-training seminar at the Reson User Conference covering the latest HIPS multibeam data processing techniques. The Reson User Conference is taking place from October 31st to November 3rd at the Hyatt Regency in Jersey City, USA.

    Topics in the seminar …

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  • Vancouver Announced as Host City for 14th International CARIS User Conference 2011/08/19

    Vancouver, Canada will provide the inspiring backdrop to the 14th International CARIS User Conference taking place from June 25th to 28th, 2012. Canada's proclaimed "Gateway to the Pacific" famously hosted thousands of athletes and visitors from around the world as the host city for the Winte…

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