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Backed by over 25 years of excellence, the HIPS and SIPS™ suite of products offers essential capabilities and professional grade tools for hydrographic data processing. Supporting over 40 industry standard data formats, HIPS and SIPS can easily integrate into any workflow. It enables you to simultaneously process multibeam, backscatter, side scan sonar, single beam and lidar data. It incorporates the latest in 3D visualization technology for the purpose of hydrography, oceanography and marine science. As part of the Ping-to-Chart workflow, HIPS and SIPS can be easily expanded to meet your wider geospatial needs.

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New Features in version 11

Released SEP 30, 2021

Teledyne CARIS is pleased to announce the release of CARIS HIPS and SIPS 11.4 which introduces new sound speed and vertical correction options in Subset Editor and opportunities to purchase HIPS and SIPS via a yearly Software as a Service (SaaS) option.

Corrections Mode for Subset Editor

With the rising popularity of autonomous survey vehicles, the need for correcting less than perfect sonar data is also growing. CARIS removes the guesswork with the new Subset Editor Corrections Mode to help address intermittent sound speed or vertical offset issues. Working in subset editor allows users to compare and correct data between nearby lines to ensure best alignment. Multiple corrections can be made throughout the lines to address localized issues for maximum flexibility and interpolation between corrections ensures smooth transitions. Corrections can also be visualized easily for review, or discarded if users wish to revert back to original data states.


ADMIRALTY GAMThrough a partnership with the UK Hydrographic Office, Teledyne CARIS has expanded its AI driven services offered on the CARIS Mira AI platform. The ADMIRALTY GAM Service classifies sonar noise using an enhanced Generalised Additive Model (GAM). This model works through your point cloud data adapting to identify noise within your data set. The model is a cloud-based algorithm which is securely accessed directly from the HIPS and SIPS. The algorithm assigns soundings within your point cloud as noise which can be rejected whilst running the ADMIRALTY GAM Service or can be reviewed in the Subset Editor for further evaluation.

The ADMIRALTY GAM Service has been especially tailored to work with single track multi-beam sonar data such as that collected on a research cruise or voyage. This pairs perfectly with the CARIS Sonar Noise Classifier which is tailored for shallow water systematic surveys. Together the tools bring the benefit of AI for noise removal to a full range of data processing scenarios.

For more information visit https://www.teledynecaris.com/en/products/admiralty-gam

Software as a Service (SaaS) Purchasing Option

Software as a Service

Growth of autonomous survey fleets also means licensing needs are changing for our users. CARIS is pleased to offer more flexible options for HIPS and SIPS software licensing in 11.4. In addition to CARIS' current perpetual and leasing purchase options, a new yearly SaaS offering is available at a reduced rate for those users who need to bump up their processing needs for specific projects.

Support for S-102 Bathymetric Surface

In support of S-100 pilot projects and operational testing by early adopters around the globe, CARIS is providing full support to generate S-102 Bathymetric Surface datasets in HIPS & SIPS Professional and BASE Editor. The workflow to generate the S-102 v2.1 (HDF5) datasets is a seamless extension of existing processes and workflows used in bathymetric compilations workflows.

Validated and combined survey data can be concurrently exported to S-102 (including tile options), BAG datasets for exchange, and modelled as contours and sounding features in one workflow, all from a single source. This workflow ensures both efficiency and consistency in the resulting bathymetry. S-102 and other raster datasets can be distributed using the CARIS Cloud web services platform.

Click here to find out more about how to access S-102 datasets in the S-100 Service presented by Canadian Hydrographic Service, Teledyne CARIS and ECC/PRIMAR. Sample datasets are also generously made available by the Canadian Hydrographic Service here. Find out more about how to participate in a free trial of both selected datasets available in the S-100 Service and the SEAiq portable pilot unit software here.

New Python Support

Python scripting is the most flexible way to put HIPS and SIPS to work automating workflows, and now, users can enjoy support for version 3.7. Updating to new versions of Python help safeguard IT infrastructure so join CARIS in upgrading today. Support will continue for Python version 3.5 in HIPS and SIPS to allow smooth transitioning for clients with custom scripts, however, Python 3.4 support has been retired. Based on in house testing, upgrading from Python 3.5 to 3.7 should have minimal impact on user scripts and the same python versions are now supported between HIPS and SIPS 11.4 and BASE Editor 5.5.

A full list of enhancements is available to subscription members on the CARIS Customer Support site.

Software Suite Options

Which Package Fits Your Needs? Teledyne CARIS™ knows that accuracy and efficiency are all-important in your business, which is why the HIPS and SIPS solution integrates the processing of Sonar and lidar bathymetry, water column and seafloor imagery in a single application.

Single Beam Bathymetry  
Sensor data
Multibeam Bathymetry  
Side Scan Imagery    
Multibeam Imagery    
Water Column Imagery (WCI)/Multiple Detections      
Multi-user Processing      
Delayed Heave  
Post-processed Auxiliary Data      
Total Propagated Uncertainty (TPU) and CUBE  
IHO QC Tools  
Variable Resolution (VR) Surfaces      
Contouring and Soundings  
Additional GIS Tools      

A full list of enhancements is available to subscription members on the CARIS Customer Support site.

Technical Specifications




Recent generation multi-core CPU


16 GB of RAM


7200 RPM disk drive or Solid State Drive, minimum 1 GB available for installation


NVidia® or AMD® display adapter, with an OpenGL 3.3 compatible GPU, with 2GB of memory or greater

Operating System

Windows® 10 Professional 64-bit


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