Introducing the CARIS Mira AI Platform

The Teledyne CARIS team is committed to leveraging the latest technology for our customers with the creation of the CARIS Mira AI™ platform.

CARIS Mira AI is a new cloud-based platform to host our current and future AI solutions. Backed by Amazon Web Services (AWS), offering a robust, scalable cloud platform means no additional desktop hardware is required to move users into the future of processing.

With these evolving technologies, our AWS-certified team is focused on the safety and security of your data while it is in our care: all data directed to the CARIS Mira AI platform is anonymized, randomized and encrypted before transmission. For additional security, no data remains stored on the cloud following the AI classification process.

AI technologies and cloud services are the new force multipliers. Let CARIS future-proof your processing pipeline.

Tools available on the CARIS Mira AI Platform

Sonar Noise Classifier

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Learn about CARIS Mira AI

Research on Artificial Intelligence (AI) has recently seen exponential growth, in a particular due to breakthroughs in a subdomain called Deep Learning. Deep Learning algorithms allow us to teach a computer to achieve tasks that only humans were previously able do. Two principal factors have driven this breakthrough: the rise of enormous amounts of digital data, and the availability of affordable Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) which can perform millions of arithmetic operations in parallel every second. The result is these algorithms can be trained for a variety of tasks, including speech recognition, language interpretation and translation, finding people and objects in images and video, and more.

CARIS Mira AI brings these advancements directly to your workflow, while retaining a seamless user experience across our product line.

How it works

The CARIS Mira AI platform provides capabilities across three dimensions: one-dimensional time series, two-dimensional grids, and three-dimensional clouds. For each application, we leverage the latest advancements in Deep Learning and other Machine Learning fields to provide superior performance. By providing these tools as a Cloud service, we have the capability to rapidly deploy and update these services on an ongoing basis.


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