Paper Chart Composer

Desktop Paper Chart Production

Create paper charts with ease from S-101 and S-57 ENCs, captured from third party GIS data or other sources. Utilize the standard cartographic presentation in Paper Chart Composer to produce nautical charts in accordance with IHO standards S-4, INT1, INT2 and INT3, or customize the setup to produce custom charts, e.g. for organization-specific requirements, or for other purposes.

CARIS Paper Chart Composer is built on the same technology and toolset as CARIS’ database solution, CARIS HPD, giving desktop users access to the same chart creation and editing tools, in a file-based storage environment when enterprise collaboration and production is not needed.

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Core Features

Production with confidence

Built on decades of domain experience, this user-friendly application allows new and experienced users to produce paper charts efficiently, and with the confidence that IHO and other international and national requirements can be met.

Create, manage and update products with proven CARIS tools that ensure production of compliant products, including export to formats such as PDF and TIFF using CMYK or RGB colour schemes

Meeting IHO standards

Built-in support for IHO portrayal, with annotation tools to create text labels for lights characteristics, and other tools to create compliant nautical charts in accordance with IHO's S-4, INT1, INT2 and INT3 standards.

Portrayal is customizable and can be expanded to meet local/national requirements, for instance allowing the production of small craft chart, or special purpose charts.

Full cartographic toolset

Automatic borders, graticule and marginalia creation, automatic masking behind text labels and more. Simple contour labelling, and advanced text labelling automatically from imported ENC data, with advanced manual cartographic editing tools too. Ensuing compliant charts are made efficiently and with confidence.


Upgrade path from desktop environment to CARIS HPD database suite.

Feature Highlights in version 4

Here are the top new features in the latest release of Paper Chart Composer.

Paper Chart Improvements

Reduce the workload of cartographic feature compilation with improved vector-based dynamic masking and access the latest changes to the IHO S-4 standard for feature symbolization and fill patterns.

New Cartographic Portrayal Options

Two new automated cartography techniques are introduced in Paper Chart Composer 4.

First, dynamic cartography for greater user control over how cartographic features are digitized in INT1 portrayals.

Second, a new conditional portrayal approach that uses attributes of one feature to determine how other cartographic features are portrayed. For example, a compass rose feature can be created and portrayed automatically based on the properties of the underlying magnetic variation feature.

Connect to Bathy DataBASE

BASE Editor's industry leading bathymetry compilation toolkit is now accessible from within Paper Chart Composer. New optional add-on licensed modules for BDB Server Connection and Bathymetry Compilation provide users with access to features and coverages stored in a BDB Server database as well as a subset of tools from BASE Editor to support vector bathymetric feature compilation. It includes the ability to generate and process safe side contours, perform sounding selections, smooth bands and more.

New Licensing Technology

HPD is following suit in incorporating our new licensing technology. This upgraded licensing is softkey based, so no physical dongles are required; a license Entitlement will be created for software activation.

Key benefits of this new technology include:

  • Convenient and easy softkey activation
  • The elimination of physical hardware removes the possibility of damage or loss
  • No more need of a separate licensing tool
  • Faster software purchase and setup
  • Improved license usage transparency for network license users

For more information about the new licensing technology and how it will affect your organization contact Customer Services, or visit License FAQ.

To view a full list of enhancements available visit the Paper Chart Composer What's New page.

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Technical Specifications

Paper Chart Composer



Recent generation multi-core CPU


16 GB of RAM


7200 RPM disk drive or solid-state drive, minimum 1 GB available for installation


NVidia or AMD display adapter, with an OpenGL 3.3 compatible GPU, with 2GB of memory or greater for 3D visualization

Operating System

Windows 10 Professional 64-bit, or Windows 11 Professional 64-bit

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