Paper Chart Composer

Next-Generation Desktop Paper Chart Production

Improve efficiency in creating paper chart products using the latest paper chart creation tool. By utilizing Paper Chart Composer, desktop users now have access to the same robust object creation and editing tools that exist in HPD.

Paper charts can be created automatically from S-57 ENCs, captured from third party GIS data and imported from existing CARIS maps using feature mapping rules. Utilize the standard cartographic presentation in Paper Chart Composer based on the IHO INT1 and INT2 specifications or customize your own presentations for organization-specific products.

Feature Highlights

Here are the top new features in the latest release of Paper Chart Composer

Improved Paper Chart Presentation

PCC 2.1 brings extensive improvement to the chart presentation styles (INT1 and INT1-v2.0), ensuring a better conformity with the IHO S-4 Ed 4.6.0 Apr 2016 standard. The enhanced symbol library, presentation and marginalia instructions bring the first cut of a chart much closer to a print-ready state.



Export to PDF

A new Preserve Layers option is added to the PDF export for charts or panels. This option retains the same vector layer structure in the PDF file that is in the chart. When this option is not selected, the PDF is generated as a single-layer file.



Clip Backdrop Data

A chart can be viewed and exported with backdrop data clipped to the extents of a panel using the Clip registered external data to panel check box in the options.

A full list of enhancements is available to subscription members on the CARIS Customer Support site.

Technical Specifications

Paper Chart Composer



Dual or Quad-core Processor


8 GB of RAM


7200 RPM disk drive or Solid State Drive, minimum 1 GB available for installation


NVidia® or AMD® display adapter with 512MB of memory or greater

Operating System

Windows® 10 Professional 64-bit or Windows 7® Professional 64-bit with SP1

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