S-101 ENC Basic Introduction

This course provides a basic introduction to creating International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) S-101 Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) products using the CARIS S-57 Composer desktop software program. It starts with general overview of the new IHO S‐100 Universal Hydrographic Data Model Standard and the IHO S‐101 ENC Product Specification that is based on the S‐100 data model. This is followed by practical hands-on exercises demonstrating S-101 ENC theory and concepts, and S-101 ENC production steps and workflow to create and update S-101 ENC products from S-57 ENC data using Composer.


Anyone interested in being introduced to the new IHO S-101 ENC Product Specification and learning how to create S-101 ENC products today using the latest CARIS S-57 Composer desktop electronic charting software program.

Topics Include

  • What is S-100, why is it needed, and what are its benefits?
  • What is an S-101 ENC and how does it relate to S-100?
  • How will these new standards impact hydrographic organizations, users?
  • The S-101 ENC Product Spec. and Data Classification & Encoding Guide
  • A quick overview of the interface and basic operations of the CARIS tools
  • Introducing basic S-101 concepts and terminology
  • Complex attributes, multiplicity, information types, system attributes
  • Comparing S-57 and S-101 feature encoding
  • Learning more about S-101 features, similarities and differences with S-57
  • S-101 ENC product creation workflow starting with S-57 ENC data
  • Defining new S-101 ENC products and new metadata values
  • Automated S-57 to S-101 feature mapping and conversion steps
  • How to modify, extend the default S-57 to S-101 feature mapping process
  • Post-import processing and possible cartographic intervention steps
  • Further S-101 feature coding examples
  • New S-101 nautical information, spatial quality, text and update features
  • S-101 minimum scale attributes, grouped soundings and validation checks
  • Exporting completed S-101 ENC products to the official S-100 file format
  • Updating S-101 ENC products with new information
  • Additional discussion topics about implementing S-101 ENC production
  • A brief discussion of some other new and planned S-100 based products


  • General knowledge of the IHO S-57 Standard and S-57 ENC production
  • Some previous hands-on working experience using CARIS S-57 Composer

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