HPD Publications Module: Nautical Publication Production

This course introduces the CARIS Hydrographic Production Database (HPD) Publications software program for nautical publications production. It uses hands-on exercises throughout.


Anyone wanting to learn how to use CARIS HPD Publications for Notices to Mariners, List of Lights, Sailing Direction instructions, list of Radio Signals and List of Wrecks production, management and updating.

Topics Include

  • An overview of HPD: theory, concepts and component programs
  • Product creation concepts and workflow in HPD
  • Publications creation pre-requisites: projects, users, roles, verified data, etc.
  • An introduction to the HPD Publications program: menus, toolbars, pop-up menus.
  • Publications Production (Create new publications: Notices to Mariners, List of Lights, Sailing Direction instructions, List of Radio Signals and List of Wrecks)
  • Working with text with HTML Editor
  • Enter Notices/Records Information
  • Generate and Update List of Records
  • Capture information from HPD Paper Chart Editor and HPD Product Editor
  • Associate external files: block corrections and tracings
  • Create a New Publication with its sections
  • Assign Notices/Records to Sections in a Publication
  • Certify Sections and Publications
  • Export a Publication to XML
  • Create a New Edition
  • XSLT Files Overview


  • Participated in an HPD Source Editor training course, or had previous equivalent hands on experience using HPD.
  • Familiarity with operating computers and software
  • Previous working experience creating digital paper charts
  • Familiarity with Nautical Publication standards

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