Digital Chart Production using BASE Editor and Paper Chart Composer

This course explores the use of the CARIS BASE Editor and Paper Chart Composer for the Digital Chart Production (DCP) of nautical paper charts in accordance with IHO INT1, INT2 and INT3 standards.

The course will include a hands-on technical introduction to the processing and preparation of bathymetric datasets, creation of bathymetric products (i.e. contours and selected soundings) and the compilation and creation of digital hydrographic charts. The course provides technical knowledge for the participants to gain a good, hands-on understanding of CARIS for chart production.

The course uses presentations, discussions, demonstrations, and hands-on practical exercises.


Anyone wanting a to gain an understanding of BASE Editor and Paper Chart Composer for importing bathymetric data, compiling bathymetric products and producing nautical paper charts.

Topics Include

  • Import of 3rd party data formats
  • Gridded surface and 3D point clouds for bathymetric datasets
  • Data validation using area-based cleaning tools and 3D fly-though techniques
  • TIN model creation and manipulation with generation of gridded surfaces
  • Creation of Product Surfaces (e.g. Combined surfaces)
  • Creation of Bathymetry Products (i.e. Depth Contours, Depth Areas and Sounding objects)
  • Prepare objects for use in chart production
  • Export bathymetric data and bathymetry products to 3rd party formats

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