CARIS Paper Chart Composer: Operator Course

This course introduces the desktop CARIS Paper Chart Composer software program for nautical paper chart production. It uses hands-on exercises throughout.


Anyone wanting to learn how to use CARIS Paper Chart Composer for Standard nautical and custom chart production and updating.

Topics Include

  • Overview of Paper Chart Composer theory, concepts, data model
  • An introduction to the Paper Chart Composer program: menus, toolbars, pop-up menus and windows
  • Chart creation steps and workflow in Paper Chart Composer
  • Data pre-requisites: source data in CARIS, ENC or other formats
  • Defining chart, sheet and panel properties
  • Creating charts with main panels and one or more plans/insets
  • Controlling the display: viewing, filtering and selecting objects
  • Investigating the Options settings and what these do
  • Viewing external vector and raster files in Paper Chart Composer
  • Georeference external vector and raster datasets
  • Creating new chart features interactively
  • Using Template Editor to create and customize border styles, etc.
  • Adding borders, scale bars, grids and marginalia to charts
  • Adding borders to non-rectangular and non-north up charts
  • Adding cartographic symbols such as compass roses, logos, etc.
  • Importing data from vector files: S-57, CARIS, SHP, DGN, DXF...
  • Importing data from text files/ODBC databases
  • Adding new linear, slanting and curved text interactively
  • Creating and inserting text blocks for chart titles, notes and tables
  • Automatic annotating of features with textual information
  • Adding image features of diagrams/sketches to charts
  • Editing of cartographic data
  • Overriding symbols, colours, sizes, angles of individual features
  • Masking features automatically and interactively
  • Quality control, validation and certification of charts
  • Exporting completed charts to PostScript and colour separate files
  • Exporting charts to other formats: GeoTIFF, vector formats, BSB
  • Paper chart product revision cycle
  • A brief look at Paper Chart Composer customization options


  • Some knowledge of the IHO S-57 Standard and ENC concepts
  • Familiarity with operating computers and software
  • Previous working experience creating digital paper charts

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