CARIS HPD System Administration: Technical Course

This course looks at the Oracle database setup and system administration aspects of the CARIS Hydrographic Production Database (HPD) software for managing and maintaining hydrographic source and product data in an efficient database driven environment. The course uses presentations, discussions and demonstrations, and hands-on practical exercises.


Any system administrator wishing to learn the database and system administrative aspects of CARIS HPD.

Topics Include

  • A brief look at HPD theory, concepts and component programs
  • Prerequisites for installing HPD on a computer network
  • Oracle requirements: operating system, version, installation...
  • User accounts required when installing Oracle and HPD
  • HPD Server installation issues, prompts, hints...
  • HPD Client installation issues, prompts, hints...
  • User Manager: creating HPD users and assigning database roles
  • Usage Manager: defining HPD database usages (layers)
  • A brief look at HPD database dictionaries and catalogues
  • Typical HPD data workflows and program usage observations
  • Further tips and hints about Oracle when working with HPD
  • Understanding log files created by HPD programs
  • Error handling and common error messages in HPD
  • HPD supporting documents: reference materials and help
  • Oracle system admin and recommended settings for use in HPD
  • Exporting HPD schemas and creating backups
  • A quick discussion on HPD API options
  • Customer-specific questions and answers


  • Familiar with operating computers and software
  • Working knowledge of Oracle databases is recommended
  • General understanding of hydrographic concepts and terminology

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