CARIS HPD Source Editor: Operator Course

This course introduces the CARIS Hydrographic Production Database (HPD) Source Editor software program for managing and maintaining hydrographic data in an efficient database driven environment.


Anyone wanting to learn how to use CARIS HPD Source Editor for loading, managing and updating features in an HPD database.

Topics Include

  • An overview of HPD theory, concepts, data model and programs
  • HPD database user accounts and database usages
  • Using projects to help manage tasks and workflow in HPD
  • Data preparation and loading with the HPD Data Loader program
  • An introduction to HPD Source Editor: menus, toolbars, interface
  • Controlling the display: viewing, filtering and selecting objects
  • Investigating Source Editor Options settings and what these do
  • Opening and viewing external vector and raster data files
  • Creating new point, sounding, line, area objects in Source Editor
  • Further importing options from different vector file formats
  • Using Object Import Utility to import data from text, OBDC files
  • Creating new feature layers for data import and editing
  • Editing objects interactively: insert, move, redigitize, split, trim...
  • Other editing tools: divide, intersect, join, merge, filter, smooth...
  • Editing spatial and attribute values for multiple features
  • Automated topology creation and editing in HPD
  • Deleting and undeleting features
  • Managing object relationships: masters/slaves, collections
  • Creating markers to record comments about objects
  • Data validation: running QC tests and resolving errors
  • Object certification: verifying attributes & spatial representations
  • Viewing HPD object processing history
  • Adding representations onto other usages, linking related objects
  • Exporting database features to text, vector and raster files
  • HPD supporting documents: reference materials and help
  • An overview of product creation concepts and workflow in HPD
  • A brief look at other topics of interest


  • Familiarity with operating computers and software
  • Previous working experience creating digital charts and ENCs

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