CARIS HPD Product Editor: Operator Course

This course introduces the CARIS Hydrographic Production Database (HPD) Product Editor software program for S-57 Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC) production.


Anyone wanting to learn how to use CARIS HPD for S-57 ENC production, management and updating.

Topics Include

  • An overview of HPD: theory, concepts and component programs
  • Product creation concepts and workflow in HPD
  • An introduction to the HPD Product Editor program: menus, toolbars, pop-up menus and windows
  • Similarities and differences with HPD Source Editor
  • Connecting and viewing source data in Product Editor
  • Viewing other file formats as background data for verification
  • Creating a new ENC product: using the ENC creation wizard
  • Review of other product creation methods
  • Adding product-specific objects in HPD Product Editor
  • Assign SCAMIN attribute values automatically
  • Using markers to record comments about features
  • Data checking and validation steps
  • Feature certification: verifying attributes and representations
  • Product export steps
  • Using the ENC Exchange Set Editor tool
  • The ENC product revision cycle and ENC updating scenarios
  • Releasing and managing ENCs with Product Management Centre
  • Creating New Update ENCs and New Edition ENCs
  • Checking a product for possible new or updated source objects
  • Review spatial and attribute changes in updated features
  • Selecting and applying new source objects
  • Checking and exporting updated products
  • Special cases: ENC Re-Issues and Cancellations
  • HPD supporting documents: reference materials and help


  • Participated in HPD Source Editor: Operators Course, or previous equivalent hands on experience using HPD
  • Familiarity with operating computers and software
  • Previous working experience creating digital charts and ENCs
  • Familiar with the S-57 dictionary (objects and attributes)

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