CARIS Engineering Analysis Module: Operator Course

A hands-on course designed to train new or current users of CARIS Engineering Analysis Module (EAM) to perform analyses of how bathymetry compares to models for the designed depth of the seafloor, waterway or harbour region, as well as tools to calculate volumes and detect and report shoal areas.


Anyone wanting a more in-depth knowledge of CARIS EAM to perform bathymetry analysis against the design channel and/or between multiple bathymetric datasets.

Topics Include

  • Engineering Analysis Module overview & workflow
    • Profile operations: creation and export
    • Conformance analysis and additional conformance views
    • Volume calculations with different methods: Hyperbolic, Rectangular, Triangular and Comparative
    • Volume publications
    • Creating contours at channel depth, contours at channel depth with tolerance
    • Shoal detection for reporting conformance exceptions: register detected shoals and import shoals from a database
    • Shoal publications
    • Reference module updates
    • Shifting reference models
  • Reference Model Editor overview & workflow
    • Application interface and setting options
    • Model creation
    • Point creation
    • Surface creation: from points or an existing closed feature
    • Alignment creation, including curved alignment creation
    • Cross-section creation
    • Template creation: from a cross-section or existing surfaces
    • Viewing templates in 3D
    • Station catalogue creation: alignments, stationing, adjustments, partitions and reaches
    • Exporting a reference model into a number of formats


  • Participated in a BASE Editor training course, or had previous equivalent hands-on experience using BASE Editor.
  • Familiarity with operating computers and software
  • Familiarity with basic hydrographic concepts and terminology
  • Experience with bathymetric data

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