HPD ENC Automation

Turn Up Productivity

The continuing expansion of the HPD automation tools, has reached a milestone. ENC Automation enables the definition of workflows that automate vector product creation, vector product updating, vector topology tools and vector Exchange Sets exports, all at the click of a single button.

HPD 4.1.26 delivers processes to cover all aspects of product creation, maintenance and management.

What was once manual work, can now be controlled by user defined workflows allowing the seamless integration of these common activities into business processes. A lot of day-to-day activities are similar, taking inputs and creating outputs.

Where there is repetition use ProcessModels to reduce the amount of time spent on the simple things and focus on what matters.

This host of new processes cover all the options expected from HPD Product Editor, with enhancements such as Test Export Mode delivering the file export size before final export.

These vector automation processes ensure success in a world where data creators and producers need to do more with less, creating more product, faster, and more efficiently.

Models can be embedded within workflow management tools and in nightly scheduling. Getting data ready for when it's needed.

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