Online Course

SIPS Backscatter Data Processing with HIPS and SIPS

Designed to provide a basic understanding of Backscatter Processing within HIPS & SIPS capabilities in order to gain a basic knowledge of SIPS and the latest changes. Learn how to create a Vessel File and HIPS Data Source; Quality Check methods against S-44 standard, and process Backscatter Data for the generation of Mosaics and Classification bands, prior to data Export. This course is based on CARIS HIPS and SIPS and a valid entitlement (EMS License) of the HIPS and SIPS Essential or HIPS and SIPS Professional version 11.4 is required for you to complete the training exercise portion of the course (these items are not included with the course).

- Information: course description and course requirements.
- Length: 24 hours (estimated - completion time may vary).
- Cost: $600 USD for 90 days access to the course.