Teledyne CARIS to Adopt New Licensing Technology

Fredericton, NB, Canada — Teledyne CARIS is pleased to announce they will be moving to new software licensing technology. Clients will first see this implemented in conjunction with the upcoming release of Bathy DataBASE™ 5.2, with integration into other CARIS applications scheduled for the coming months.
With this new licensing technology, Teledyne CARIS is responding to changing market requirements and customers wishes as well as preparing for new options for future software deployment.

Benefits to our users
Key benefits of this new technology include:

  • Convenient and easy softkey activation
  • The elimination of physical hardware removes the possibility of damage or loss
  • No more need of a separate licensing tool
  • Faster software purchase and setup
  • Improved license usage transparency for network license users

Reference Material
For more information about the new licensing technology and effects on your organization, please review the FAQ page, which provides a general overview. More detailed information will become available with each CARIS application release and through our Online Customer Services web page.


About Teledyne CARIS
For over 35 years, Teledyne CARIS has been the leading developer of marine mapping software. We offer a highly effective solution for near real-time processing, robust quality control of sonar data, and the creation and distribution of maps, charts, and digital datasets.

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About Teledyne Imaging
Teledyne CARIS is a company aligned under the Teledyne Imaging umbrella. Teledyne Imaging is a group of leading-edge technology companies aligned within the Teledyne brand. With unrivalled expertise across the electromagnetic spectrum and decades of experience, the group offers world-leading capabilities in sensing, signal generation and processing. The collective delivers innovative solutions to aerospace, defense, geospatial, machine and industrial vision, medical and life sciences, semiconductors and MEMs.

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Published 2018-10-30

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