CARIS releases next-generation paper chart production solution

CARIS announces the worldwide availability of Paper Chart Composer, the next-generation desktop software application for paper chart production.

Paper Chart Composer represents the future in desktop production of nautical paper charts. The successor to the long-trusted CARIS GIS product, Paper Chart Composer delivers a highly intuitive workflow for creation of any official or customized chart. This allows users to improve efficiency in creating paper charts using the latest desktop production tools.

"We are extremely pleased to provide the latest paper chart production application," says Andy Hoggarth, CARIS Marketing and Sales Manager. "The release of Paper Chart Composer has been greatly anticipated by many hydrographic offices worldwide. With the release of Paper Chart Composer, desktop users will now have access to the same robust object creation and editing tools that exist in CARIS HPD, which is the premier solution for database-driven hydrographic production."

Paper Chart Composer is the most modern application on the market for desktop paper chart production. Out of the box, Paper Chart Composer can easily create paper charts automatically from S-57 ENC data, common vector and raster GIS formats and import from existing CARIS maps.

With Paper Chart Composer you are able to utilize the standard cartographic presentation based on the IHO INT1 and INT2 specifications or customize your own presentations for organization-specific products. Using powerful compilation tools you can also automatically annotate and mask chart features. Paper Chart Composer can print paper charts to any standard supported Windows print driver, save as postscript, or output to Raster formats.

To support the transition for existing CARIS GIS users to Paper Chart Composer, CARIS is offering a free upgrade to clients that have a current CARIS GIS subscription. CARIS GIS license holders who do not have subscription can re-enter the program and receive Paper Chart Composer at a special upgrade only price. For new users, the latest paper chart production application is available at a very affordable rate.

To coincide with the release of Paper Chart Composer CARIS is offering a two-day Paper Chart Composer boot camp at CARIS 2012, which is taking place June 25-26 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. During the two-day boot camp attendees will be given an exclusive opportunity to participate in the first expert lead Paper Chart Composer training session. Topics will include sheet and panel definition, supported data sources, conversion of ENC data to paper chart features, digitizing tools, topology, annotation, masking, borders and scale bars, quality control rules, vector and raster outputs and printing.

For more information on Paper Chart Composer visit our website or email

Published 2012-04-20

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