CARIS VP Named Chairman of PAIGH ITIC Commitee

CARIS is please to announce the appointment of Paul R. Cooper, Vice President of CARIS USA as Chairman of the Institutional Strengthening and Technical Cooperation Committee of the US National Section of the Pan American Institute of Geography and History (PAIGH).

The PAIGH ( is a specialized organization of the Organization of American States. Members and observers include 25 states in the Americas and Europe.

The objectives are to encourage, coordinate and publicize cartography, geophysics, geography and history studies ad to promote and carry out studies, work, training and technical cooperation in those fields of activities.

There are four commissions: Cartography, Geophysics, Geography, and History which are subdivided into committees and working groups. The Cartography Commission develops projects in the areas of Fundamental Geospatial Data (SIRGAS, Geographic Names, Nautical Charts), Institutional Strengthening and Technical Cooperation (Geospatial Data Infrastructure), Thematic Applications, (Prevention of and Mitigation of Disasters), and Standards (Data Exchange and Digital Cartography).

The National Sections are established in each member state for the accomplishment of the aims of the PAIGH on the national level. PAIGH Secretary General is located in Mexico City.

Published 2008-07-29

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