Sydney Ports Corporation selects Paper Chart Composer

Entrance to Botany Bay chart produced using Paper Chart Composer.Sydney Ports Corporation(Sydney Ports) recently selected CARIS Paper Chart Composer to streamline the production and maintenance of its paper chart products.

Sydney Ports' main functions include:

  • Managing and developing port facilities and services to cater for existing and future commercial trade needs in Sydney Harbour.

  • Managing the navigational, pilotage, security, emergency response and operational safety needs of commercial shipping.

  • Protecting the environment and having regard to the interests of their communities.

Sydney Ports maintains more than 70 paper chart products and the provision of charts to Pilots is key to helping ensure safety of navigation within Sydney Harbour and Port Botany. The previous chart production process was time consuming, which made it challenging to update existing charts in a timely manner. The adoption of Paper Chart Composer should greatly improve this process as it is purpose-built for the production of IHO paper charts and Sydney Ports already uses CARIS HIPS and SIPS and CARIS BASE Editor as part of its Ping-to-Chart workflow.

As part of the implementation, Christian Fellinger from CARIS Asia Pacific conducted Paper Chart Composer training and consulting at Sydney Ports’ main facility at Port Botany, Sydney.

Published 2013-09-09

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