CARIS releases Paper Chart Composer 1.1

Paper Chart Composer imageCARIS is pleased to announce the release of CARIS Paper Chart Composer 1.1. The successor to the long-trusted CARIS GIS product, Paper Chart Composer delivers a highly intuitive workflow for creation of paper chart products.

Seamless migration from CARIS GIS to Paper Chart Composer

CARIS users who have created nautical charts in CARIS GIS will benefit from being able to effortlessly import these charts into Paper Chart Composer. An automated import tool has been created to provide the user control of how the GIS chart is imported into the new Paper Chart Composer file system. Once imported the standard select and edit tools can be used to update the chart. The CARIS GIS attribute information for each feature has also been imported and is easily searchable.

New Formats

Several new surface formats can be opened as backdrops, including:

  • USGS Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
  • ESRI Binary Grid (ADF)
  • S-102 Bathymetric Surface/Bathymetry Attributed Grid (BAG)

New Projections

A panel can now be created using the properties of a predefined projection that exists within the map definitions file. This means users can now add and use their own projections for panels.

CARIS clients who have a valid CARIS GIS or Paper Chart Composer subscription can now download Paper Chart Composer 1.1 from the CARIS Online Customer Services website. Individuals new to Paper Chart Composer can contact or their account representative for more information and a quote.

Published 2013-07-15

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