Former CARIS colleague takes command of Zr. Ms. Luymes

On Tuesday, May 14, 2013 CARIS’ former colleague, Björn van Vliet, took over command of the Royal Netherlands Navy hydrographic vessel Zr. Ms. Luymes.

Having already worked for the Dutch Navy for 13 years, Björn started working at CARIS BV in June 2007 where he proved to be a very good colleague with excellent knowledge and experience in hydrography.

Towards the end of 2010, Björn was offered an opportunity to return to the Navy and to become commanding officer of one of the Navy survey vessels. Björn could not resist this challenging offer.

Björn has continued to stay in contact with CARIS and invited CARIS BV’s managing director, Geerten Blessing, to attend the Change of Command ceremony.

We wish Commander van Vliet and his crew good luck and bon voyage.

Commander Björn van Vliet (far left) during the Change of Command ceremony on board the Zr. Ms. Luymes.

Published 2013-06-03

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