CARIS Paper Chart Composer training for iXSurvey Australia

IXSurvey banner CARIS Asia Pacific's Christian Fellinger recently conducted a CARIS Paper Chart Composer training course for iXSurvey in Brisbane, Australia.

iXSurvey have traditionally used CARIS GIS for chart production, but plan to adopt CARIS' next generation desktop chart production tool.

The training was an introductory course with focus on iXSurvey's specific production requirements including the chart definition and scheming process; the import of ancillary features, such as wrecks and obstructions; and the creation of custom border/grid styles, marginalia and annotation rules. In addition, one of the main goals was to devise a more streamlined Ping-to-Chart workflow for iXSurvey comprising the use of HIPS and SIPS, BASE Editor and now Paper Chart Composer.

Published 2013-04-08

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