CARIS Bathymetric Data Management Solution webinar

Bathy DataBASE WebinarJoin CARIS for a webinar featuring the leading solution for the management of bathymetric data.

Powered by the CSAR engine and backed by proven relational database technology, CARIS Bathy DataBASE delivers a scalable solution for the management of elevation data. Users can manipulate, analyze and compile data using intuitive CARIS tools and create bathymetric and cartographic products with confidence.

Through this webinar learn why hydrographic offices, port authorities and other agencies that manage large volumes of elevation data, located around the world, choose Bathy DataBASE as their dedicated survey repository. Join Bathy DataBASE experts for this informative webinar as we outline:

  • Efficient workflows using sophisticated analysis and product creation tools
  • Scalability of the CSAR framework and the new CSAR plug-in for GDAL
  • New S-102 standard support for gridded bathymetric surfaces
  • Automation capabilities through the use of Python scripting language
  • Seamless fusing of land and sea DEMs for the analysis of coastal zones
  • Interoperability through OGC® Web Services for spatial data infrastructure integration
  • Future developments in Bathy DataBASE

 Register today and see how your organization can benefit from the leading bathymetric data management solution.

Published 2013-03-11

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