CARIS and RiChi's Collaboration Benefits the Geospatial Community in Taiwan

CARIS and RiChi's Collaboration Benefits the Geospatial Community in TaiwanCARIS and RiChi are pleased to announce their partnership to help provide the best possible geospatial solutions for the Taiwanese market.

CARIS had partnered with the RITI Technology Group in the Taiwanese market for more than 15 years before the spin off by RITI of their Geospatial Products and Services Division to form RiChi in July 2010. It was natural that RiChi, as the new innovation leader in the provision and promotion of geospatial solutions in Taiwan, would work together with CARIS, the marine GIS experts.

RiChi is part of a network of technology, software and service providers that help deliver leading CARIS geomatics software and services to the marketplace. The partnership with these organizations has been a significant factor in introducing the benefits of CARIS software to clients in new markets. These partnerships successfully combine industry expertise and knowledge of the local business culture with an in-depth understanding of our software to provide clients with a comprehensive geospatial solution.

Matt Holland, CARIS' account manager for Asia confirmed the importance of having a strong relationship with Alliance Partners, "Our alliances combine industry expertise with an in-depth understanding of our software to offer clients a total solution, and they have proven to be essential in introducing CARIS' software into new markets."

About RiChi

RiChi Technology Inc, founded in 2010, is a subsidiary company from RITI Technology Group. RiChi offers extensive domain knowledge in the geographic information system (GIS), remote sensing (RS) and marine GIS fields. In addition, RiChi specializes in the development and application of information technologies related to management, analysis, presentation and visualization of geospatial and location-based information, with an aim to be the innovation leader in geospatial solutions. Over the last 15 years, RiChi’s technical expertise, along with their extensive connections with government, industry and academic institutions, have allowed RiChi to establish a unique geospatial database and to grow into one of the leading spatial information companies in Taiwan.

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Published 2011-03-25

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