Bathy DataBASE for Royal Malaysian Navy

CARIS' Burns Foster facilitates a Bathy DataBASE workshop with National Hydrographic Centre in Malaysia.National Hydrographic Centre (NHC), Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) is the latest of a growing number of organizations to implement Bathy DataBASE to address their requirement for advanced analysis and management of historic and high-resolution elevation data.

As part of NHC's hydrographic, oceanographic and cartographic responsibilities for Malaysian waters, they create and update comprehensive databases through surveys, re-surveys and data received from other maritime authorities. NHC has used CARIS solutions since 1993 to achieve these objectives and was an adopter of the early CARIS database technology, Geographic Database Manager (GDM), which provided hydrographic agencies with a solution for the storage and management of sounding data.

Bathy DataBASE provides NHC with a modern and
scalable technology upgrade from the GDM predecessor
and was recently delivered to NHC through collaboration with Mr. Lai Hock Nam and Cdr. Azhan Abdul Mutalib (RMN Retd.) of OKENOS Sdn. Bhd., the CARIS partner in Malaysia. As part of the implementation a workshop on software operation and data workflows was also conducted by CARIS' Burns Foster with NHC in early December at their facility in Port Klang, Malaysia.

NHC's migration to the new database technology for efficient elevation data handling, analysis, visualization and storage will continue following the workshop. They also plan to include the import of archived sounding data in CARIS NTX format and the loading of modern hydrographic survey data processed using CARIS HIPS and SIPS as part of their Ping-to-Chart workflow.

Published 2011-12-30

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