Water Column Imaging in the latest service pack of HIPS and SIPS

The latest release of CARIS HIPS and SIPS is now available. HIPS and SIPS 7.1.1 now supports the reading and the displaying of Water Column Imaging data. Initial support for Water Column Imaging includes Kongsberg and Reson 7K sonars. Users can analysis the data directly in 2D or 3D without needing any additional software.

Geocoder has been re-factored and enhanced to make its integration with HIPS and SIPS more robust and reliable. This will be evident in the creation of GeoBaRs, in Sediment Analysis and in the range of data that can be processed in Mosaic Editor.

Other enhancements that have been made with this release include:

  • HIPSCom.exe has been replaced with the new BatchEngine.exe.
  • When processing data in Geocoder or sound velocity correction of Kongsberg data users no longer need to carry over the raw data during conversion as raw data files are now referenced.
  • Additional updates have been added to the properties of CSAR files.
  • Several upgrades have been made to the surface tools.
  • New export surface metadata function for BASE surfaces and BAG files can now generate a compliant ISO metadata file.

Users can download the service pack from the Online Customer Services website today!

Published 2012-02-10

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