Enhancing airborne LiDAR bathymetry with HIPS and SIPS

Calibration patch south of Sydney, Australia including orthomosaic imagery from system camera, Hawkeye data, and multibeam reference surface.Pelydryn, a hydrographic survey company based in the United Kindgom, is enhancing its airborne bathymetric LiDAR capabilities with the purchase of four additional licenses of HIPS and SIPS. Pelydryn provides a global service which specializes in gathering data in shallow and coastal waters.

Pelydrn's cutting edge LiDAR technology enables their clients to obtain rich, high quality data. Utilizing HIPS and SIPS, Pelydrn will be able to efficiently process the bathymetric LiDAR data, clean the data into a 3D visualization model, and provide seamless topobathy datasets.

HIPS and SIPS supports the HawkEye II system manufactured by Airbourne Hydrography AB, which is used by Pelydryn.

Published 2012-03-09

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