CARIS Attends XVIIIth International Hydrographic Conference

CARIS Attends XVIIIth International Hydrographic Conference The XVIIIth International Hydrographic Conference (IHC) was held in Monaco April 23 to 27. Delegates from International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) Member States and Observers from around the world were in attendance for the meetings to provide guidance on the operations and work of the organization. CARIS proudly participated as part of Hydrographic Industry Exhibition held in conjunction with the IHC.

The conference and exhibition provided an opportunity for CARIS to meet with delegates for discussions on hydrography, nautical cartography and new CARIS solutions, such as Paper Chart Composer and Publications Module for HPD, which will allow nations to address their hydrographic mandates in a more efficient manner. Many IHC delegates, including the International Hydrographic Bureau (IHB) Directing Committee nominees, took time to visit the CARIS stand. During the conference Captain Robert Ward (Australia), Rear Admiral Mustafa Iptes (Turkey) and IGA (hors classe) Gilles Bessero (France) were elected as the new IHB Directing Committee.

Published 2012-05-04

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