Royal Malaysian Navy Upgrades to Paper Chart Composer

National Hydrographic Centre (NHC), Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) recently upgraded their CARIS GIS licenses to the new Paper Chart Composer, the successor to GIS, for production of their paper charts in accordance with IHO standards. NHC has been a user of GIS, which originally ran on a UNIX platform, since 1993. The upgrade of GIS to Paper Chart Composer is another example of NHC's ongoing commitment to using the latest production tools in their workflows.

CARIS' Suresh Jeyaverasingam was recently on site to conduct a Paper Chart Composer workshop with NHC. The one week workshop covered topics such as, the creation of new paper charts, chart updates by incorporating new bathymetry features, and charts from existing CARIS GIS files. Additional time was also spent to assist with the implementation of the new chart creation tools by addressing topics such as the migration of existing GIS support files to Paper Chart Composer.

Published 2012-07-20

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