CARIS visits Goa, India

Bogmalo Beach in Goa, India during monsoon season.National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research (NCAOR), a research and development institution under the Ministry of Earth Sciences - Government of India, recently selected HIPS and SIPS for the processing of their acquired hydrographic data.

NCAOR, located in Goa, is responsible for the coordination and implementation of the India Antarctic Programme and is also involved in multi-agency scientific operations in the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean. The organization uses a wide range of sonar equipment in their research operations and they selected HIPS and SIPS as it provides a single solution to process their various archived and newly acquired data types. A successful five-day HIPS and SIPS training course, covering various topics on sonar bathymetry and imagery processing, was conducted by CARIS' Dan Morash at NCAOR in July.

As part of the trip to Goa, Dan also visited the National Institute of Hydrography (NIH), India. As a regional training centre for hydrography for South East Asia and Africa, NIH uses CARIS software in their educational programs. During the two-day visit presentations, demos and hands-on exercises on HIPS and SIPS and Bathy DataBASE were conducted with approximately 25 participants. Topics including Total Propagated Uncertainty (TPU), advanced theory on CUBE creation and parameters, and automated filtering were all discussed extensively during the visit.

Published 2012-08-17

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