Maritime Authority Suriname selects CARIS solutions for chart production

CARIS BV’s Dagmar Kuil with MAS staff during training in Paramaribo, Suriname.The Maritime Authority Suriname (MAS) recently purchased CARIS solutions to support the modernization of their cartographic production capacity. MAS selected CARIS BASE Editor, S-57 Composer and Paper Chart Composer for bathymetry analysis and chart production.

MAS supervises the compliance of legal rules in shipping for coastal and inland waters of Suriname and guarantees a safe and efficient passage of sea-going vessels from and to Suriname, based on internationally accepted standards, rules and treaties.

CARIS BV’s Dagmar Kuil was in Paramaribo, Suriname at MAS’ facilities conducting two weeks of training on the new systems. During the training course, MAS staff were introduced to working with CSAR Surfaces, TIN Models, Surface Analysis and the creation of contour lines, depth areas and soundings in CARIS BASE Editor. For ENC production, staff focused on digitizing, editing and validating products based on the S-57 standard in CARIS S-57 Composer. The final training session focused on CARIS Paper Chart Composer, the newest CARIS application for the creation of paper charts. Since Paper Chart Composer makes use of the same user interface as BASE Editor and S-57 Composer, training could focus on cartographic work preparing the chart for printing, including automatic text annotation and masking, automatic border creating plus symbolization of point, lines and area features.

Following the implementation of the new systems, MAS will start to produce ENCs, inland ENCs and paper charts for their coastal and inland waters. At the end of this process, they will release international paper charts and ENCs for the coast of Suriname under their own name. At the moment these charts are created and released by the Dutch Hydrographic Office.

Published 2012-09-28

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