CARIS releases HPD 2.9.2

CARIS releases HPD 2.9.2 The latest release of CARIS HPD 2.9.2 is now available. HPD 2.9.2 provides users with better integration between HPD product data and the new Publications module. The Publications module, a tool for creating and maintaining Notice to Mariners and other nautical publications, is now a stand-alone HPD editor and is enhanced with an improved interface and new commands for linking notices to panels and projects.

Other enhancements that have been made in the HPD 2.9.2 release include quicker loading of external data, digitizing and editing functions for external HOB data in HPD Source Editor and the ability to create a copy of an existing paper chart. Users will also note that Inland ENC 2.2 products can now be created in HPD Product Editor. The release also includes updated presentation files, validation and quality control tests and the new Law of the Sea (LOS) 2.0 catalogue.

Users can download the service pack from the Online Customer Services website today!

Published 2012-10-26

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