Limits and Boundaries training for Swedish Maritime Administration

Swedish Maritime Administration LogoThe Swedish Maritime Administration (Sjöfartsverket) recently received CARIS LOTS training delivered by CARIS’ Vittorio Zanobbi. Vittorio is one of CARIS’ limits and boundary delimitation experts and he conducted the training course as part of the CARIS LOTS Limits and Boundaries software delivery to the Swedish Maritime Administration.

CARIS LOTS Limits and Boundaries software is used throughout the world for the completion of maritime boundary negotiations as well as for maritime limit management. The software, which supports many spatial data formats such as raster nautical charts, is delivered with over four gigabytes of global public domain data sources allowing any coastal state to begin its Law of the Sea applications (e.g. coastlines, roads, rivers, contours, bathymetry, sediment) right away.

Published 2012-11-23

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