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Turn Up Productivity with ENC Automation

Join us to learn how ENC Automation can enable you and your organization to increase productivity. Processes that will ensure success in a world where data creators and producers need to do more with less, creating more product, faster, and more efficiently enabling you to realize the customer expectation of product on demand.

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Turn Up Productivity with Paper Chart Automation

Alongside the Automation of the Electronic navigational product lines, Paper chart automation is coming to HPD. The blue economy’s in the midst of a digital transformation, driving a downturn in the demand for Paper Products. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for them or that they are no longer needed.

Automate the generation, maintenance and publishing of those trusted paper products, leaving your teams the time to focus on new product and the journey to S-100.

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Uso de escáner laser en levantamientos hidrográficos

¡Únanse a nosotros para aprender como el escáner laser es una poderosa herramienta para utilizar durante los levantamientos hidrográficos ya que nos permite capturar la información topográfica al mismo tiempo que la batimetría. En este seminario online vamos a explicar detalladamente los flujos de trabajo para adquisición de datos con el escáner laser de Teledyne Optech Polaris, utilizando el software de adquisición de datos CARIS Collect. También mostraremos en detalle el flujo de trabajo de procesamiento y análisis de la información batimétrica y topográfica con las aplicaciones CARIS HIPS and SIPS y BASE Editor.

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Teledyne Geospatial's Next Generation CZMIL SuperNova Bathymetric Lidar

The hydrospatial industry is facing an ever growing demand for data and a shortage of resources to meet this increase in growth. Initiatives such as Seabed 2030 won’t be realized with current methodologies and technology, making innovation and advancement vital in achieving success. Earlier in 2021, Terratec took delivery of Teledyne Optech’s latest generation bathymetric LiDAR, the CZMIL SuperNova. This webinar will cover the leading edge advancements introduced by Teledyne Optech (including Artificial Intelligence) and how Terratec are putting these to use on projects.

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Introducing Onboard360

Join us for an exciting look at the NEW Onboard360 featuring acquisition module CARIS Collect!

Learn how our full Ping-to-Chart solution will increase productivity from survey to data products with presentations from product management and sales experts at Teledyne CARIS.

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Introducción a CARIS Onboard360

¡Únanse a nosotros para la presentación del NUEVO software de adquisición de datos CARIS Collect parte de CARIS Onboard360!

En este webinar podrán aprender como con el nuevo CARIS Collect pueden aumentar la productividad desde la adquisición de datos hasta la generación de productos finales con presentaciones y demos de los expertos de Teledyne CARIS.

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Remote Operations

Exploring the use of automation in CARIS products such as CARIS Onboard, CARIS Mira AI and our cloud services in support of remote surveys.

Whether you are curious about reducing your risk profile by sending fewer people offshore, or are moving to fully robotic solutions using USVs and AUVs, there is a common need integrate modern approaches for data processing and handling to ensure you maintain control over the survey quality and platform tasking.

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Transition to S-100

Learn about strategies for transitioning your organization to S-100 using CARIS HPD.

CARIS has been involved with and supporting IHO standards for more than 30 years and has been contributing and developing S-100 related solutions since the inception of S-100. Since 2012, Teledyne CARIS has been providing the software tools needed to produce and evaluate a variety of draft specifications.

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Learn about CARIS Mira AI and the Sonar Noise Classifier

Learn about the CARIS Mira AI platform and how the new Sonar Noise Classifier can bring efficiencies to your sonar data processing pipeline.

The Teledyne CARIS team is committed to leveraging the latest technology for our customers with the creation of the CARIS Mira AI platform. CARIS Mira AI is a new cloud-based platform to host our current and future AI solutions. Backed by Amazon Web Services (AWS), offering a robust, scalable cloud platform means no additional desktop hardware is required to move users into the future of processing.

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Exploring the New Ping-to-Chart
Influences, expectations and emerging technologies

Emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and cloud-based services, have the potential to revolutionize both what we think is possible, and how we approach challenges in our hydrographic workflows. From ocean mapping, to chart production and data sharing, expectations around the who, what, where and how are changing.

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Automation to support multi-disciplinary use of hydrographic survey data

Exploring the increasing role of automation to support multi-disciplinary use of hydrographic survey data. Learn about opportunities for automation ranging from drag-and-drop set-up to the use of AI to remove noise from multibeam data in CARIS HIPS and SIPS.

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Bathymetry compilation re-imagined with automation

Exploring how to use automation in CARIS BASE Editor to re-imagine the bathymetry compilation workflow. Learn how new smart sounding selection and contour generalization tools can reduce turnaround time and human effort aiding new product release.

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Streamline chart production with automation

Accepting the challenge of adding new on-demand and on-the-shelf products and services to your portfolio by making the most of CARIS HPD as the single-source chart production solution.

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Innovation et automatisation pour la création de produits bathymétriques

Découvrez comment les nouveaux outils de sélection de sondes intelligente et de généralisation d’isobathes peuvent réduire le temps et les efforts nécessaires à la création de différents produits bathymétriques, utiles à la production de cartes marines.

Repensez vos flux de travail à l’aide de ces nouveaux outils et apprenez à les automatiser dans BASE Editor.

Ce Webinaire se déroulera en français.

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Optimización y automatización de procesamiento de datos hidrográficos, usando inteligencia artificial

Explorando el creciente rol de la automatización, para soportar el uso multidisciplinario de los datos hidrográficos, se mostrará al usuario las oportunidades de automatización, desde el "drag and drop" pasando por modelos de procesos hasta el uso de inteligencia artificial, para remover ruido acústico en los datos, reduciendo sustancialmente costos y tiempos de procesamiento.

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New Efficiencies for Safe Survey 

Introducing the Game Changer

The Latest in Unmanned Vehicles and Hydrographic Surveying

Join Teledyne Technologies and Marine Tactical Systems (MARTAC) as they present a solution for new efficiencies for safe survey, including a live demonstration.

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New AI Software for Efficiencies in Lidar Noise Classification

An introduction to the Galaxy Noise Classifier: a faster, easier, and more versatile tool to remove atmospheric returns from your Galaxy data. Supported by the Teledyne CARIS Mira AI platform and processed on the cloud, this tool automatically classifies points as “object” or “noise” and provides a confidence value for every point to allow users to tune its sensitivity for their specific needs. This game-changing efficiency provides significant reductions in manual data cleaning delivering quicker Galaxy project turnaround times.

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