CARIS S-57 Composer: S-57 ENC Production

An in-depth, hands-on technical introduction to the production, maintenance, S-58 quality assurance and updating of IHO S-57 Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC) data, using the desktop CARIS S-57 Composer software.


Any hydrographic personnel wishing to learn about the IHO S-57 ENC production and maintenance capabilities of the CARIS S-57 Composer software program.

Topics Include

  • An introduction to CARIS S-57 Composer: products, layout, basic functions, etc.
  • S-57 ENC production workflow options using CARIS S-57 Composer
  • ENC data sources: digital nautical charts, raster images, etc.
  • Using the S-57 ENC Exchange Set Creation wizard to create products
  • Data coding and Catalogue browser for ENC production
  • Preprocessing data: filtering lines, copying the geometry, intersecting nodes, change all, deleting and saving products, etc.
  • Import selection/Superselection & object creation using lookup tables
  • Interactive S-57 ENC object creation grabbing geometry and editing
  • Importing background vector data & database information using the Object Import Utility
  • Assigning attribute values to S-57 objects
  • Using the Quality Assurance tools S-58 effectively in S-57 Composer
  • Correcting mistakes reported by Quality Assurance tools
  • Exporting validated data to S-57 format files
  • Discussion of products, backup, locations of files & procedures during the ENC production
  • The ENC product revision cycle and ENC updating scenarios
  • Updating ENC data using CARIS S-57 Composer
  • Checking and exporting updated ENC information to S-57 format
  • Viewing S-57 ENC data using CARIS Easy View
  • Supporting documents: reference materials and help


  • Familiarity with operating computers and software
  • Familiarity with hydrographic concepts and terminology
  • Some previous experience with the S-57 Standard

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