CARIS LOTS: Limits and Boundaries Course

This course is directed towards the determination of maritime boundaries and limits, following the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and its Guidelines using CARIS LOTS (Law of the Sea) Limits and Boundaries software’s tools.


Any individual or Organization working with maritime boundary determination, wishing to get a good technical overview of the CARIS LOTS software. LOTS is used in determining maritime boundaries and continental shelf limits. Although the course deals specifically with the United Nations Law of the Sea Guidelines, CARIS LOTS can be used to calculate other standard marine boundaries as well.

Topics Include

  • Review of the UN Law of the Sea and Maritime Boundary issues.
  • An overview of boundary delimitation tasks covered in CARIS LOTS.
  • LOTS interface, menus, help and User Guide.
  • Data requirements: nautical charts, imagery and coastal data.
  • Creating, importing and structuring data in LOTS.
  • Determining normal or straight baselines for the territorial sea baseline.
  • Importing existing agreed national boundaries and treaties.
  • Performing quality assessment (QA) with satellite imagery and nautical charts.
  • Generating median or equidistance lines with neighbouring adjacent or opposite states and applying equiratio solutions.
  • Introduction to other tools used for bilateral boundary delimitation.
  • Calculating geodetic maritime limits from the territorial sea baseline: 3NM, 12NM, 24NM, 200NM.
  • Generating reports, output and plotting options in CARIS LOTS.
  • Reviewing your data and workflows.


  • Basic computer literacy
  • Familiarity with current Windows versions
  • Basic GIS knowledge

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