CARIS HPD Paper Chart Editor: Operator Course

This course introduces the CARIS Hydrographic Production Database (HPD) Paper Chart Editor software program for nautical paper chart production.


Anyone wanting to learn how to use CARIS HPD Paper Chart Editor for paper chart production, management and updating.

Topics Include

  • An overview of HPD: theory, concepts and component programs
  • Nautical chart creation concepts and workflow in HPD
  • An introduction to the HPD Paper Chart Editor program: menus, toolbars, pop-up menus and worksheets
  • Defining chart, sheet and panel properties
  • Viewing source data in HPD Paper Chart Editor
  • Creating charts with multiple plans and sheets of plans
  • Creating and customizing geographic border, scale bars and grids
  • Adding of cartographic borders, scale bars and grids to charts
  • Adding borders to non-rectangular and non-north up charts
  • Defining and adding chart marginalia text and symbology
  • Adding text and other annotations
  • Creating text blocks for chart notes and other block text
  • Adding tables and images to products
  • Adding cartographic symbols such as compass roses, logos, etc.
  • Masking features automatically and interactively
  • Editing cartographic data and overriding feature presentation
  • Feature certification: verifying attributes and representations
  • Product creation and export to PostScript and colour separates
  • Exporting charts to other formats: GeoTIFF, vector formats, BSB
  • Paper chart product revision cycle
  • Publishing and managing charts with Product Management Centre
  • Checking a chart for possible new or updated source objects
  • Review spatial and attribute changes in updated features
  • Selecting and applying new source objects
  • Checking and exporting updated charts
  • HPD supporting documents: reference materials and help


  • Participated in HPD Source Editor: Operator Course, or had previous equivalent hands on experience using HPD.
  • Familiarity with operating computers and software
  • Previous working experience creating digital paper charts

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