CARIS Bathy DataBASE: BASE Manager / Editor Course

This course explores the use of the CARIS BASE Manager in the processing and preparation of bathymetric datasets. The course uses presentations, discussions and demonstrations, and hands-on practical exercises.


Anyone wanting a more in-depth knowledge of CARIS BASE Manager and to learn more about importing, validating, compiling, analyzing and extracting bathymetric data.

Topics Include

  • Survey Data Management Overview
  • Concepts in bathymetry data storage and associated workflows
  • Import of 3rd party data formats
  • Gridded surface and 3D point cloud creation for the storage of large volume bathymetric datasets
  • Data cleaning and validation using area-based cleaning tools and 3D fly-though techniques
  • TIN model creation and manipulation with generation of gridded surfaces
  • Surface analysis and computations (e.g. differences, extracts, vertical shift, slope and aspect mapping, etc.)
  • 3D visualization for large data volumes with raster image and vector draping
  • Creation of Product Surfaces (e.g. Combined surfaces)
  • Creation of Bathymetry Products as properly attributed S-57 Depth Contours, Depth Areas and Sounding objects
  • Prepare objects for use in chart production
  • Export bathymetric data and bathymetry products to 3rd part formats


  • Familiarity with operating computers and software
  • Familiarity with basic hydrographic concepts and terminology
  • Experience with bathymetric data

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