class caris.coverage.Cloud

CSAR Point Cloud



One of filename or uri is required.

Keyword Arguments
  • filename (str) – The filename of the opened csar file.

  • uri (str) – The uri of the opened csar file.

  • options (Options) – Options to use when opening the csar file. Defaults to READ mode if no options supplied


Adds a new band


band_info (BandInfo) – The band info describing the band to be added


Creates a copy of this cloud

Either uri or path must be specified.

Keyword Arguments
  • path (str) – The file path of the destination CSAR file

  • uri (str) – The file uri of the destination CSAR file.


New in version 5.2.0: Added flags parameter.

Query values in the Cloud

When specifying flags, if any skipped flags exists in the specified band for a sounding, that sounding is skipped. For required flags, all specified flags must exist for that sounding to be returned. The user may specify flag option for any number of flagset bands by reapeating the flag options in a containing tuple.

  • bands (list(str), optional) – List of band names to query. If None all bands will be available.

  • box (((x1, y1), (x2, y2))) – Optional box to query

  • flags – Optional tuple of (BandName, SkippedFlags, RequiredFlags).


Iterator that retuns dict(str: numpy.ndarray)

Return type



To offer full flexbility, single flags may be specified without a tuple and required flags may be omitted if not used. The following are equivalent. This will skip any rejected soundings. flags=(‘Status’,(‘Rejected’,),()) flags=(‘Status’,’Rejected’)

This means for single flags, there is no need to include it in its own tuple.

For specifying multiple flag setting on multiple bands, here is an example of skipping all rejected flags while returning only soundings that have the Overlap LAS flag. In other words, only non-rejected Overlap soundings will be returned. flags=((‘Status’,’Rejected’),(‘LAS_Flags’,(),’Overlap’))


Removes a band


band_name (str) – The name of the band fto be removed


New in version 5.3.0.

Replace a band’s string table

  • band_name (str) – The name of the band to update.

  • string_table (list(str)) – The new string table.

property band_info

dict(BandInfo): The band information

property bounding_polygon

New in version 5.1.0.

str: The bounding polygon in WKT format.

property extents

((x1, y1[, z1]),(x2, y2[, z2])) of float: The geographic extents of the point cloud

property iso19139_xml

str: The iso xml metadata.

property point_count

int: The total number of points in the point cloud

property position_band_name

str: The position band name.

property uri

str: The uri of the opened csar file

property wkt_cosys

str: The coordinate system in WKT format.