When all prerequisites have been installed, a system environment variable pythonpath must be set pointing to the location of the Python module in the BDB installation folder. This can be done at the start of a scripting session, or set permanently in the operating system.

To set this environment variable in a scripting session, enter the following command line for each application respectively:

For a BASE Editor installation:

set pythonpath=%pythonpath%;C:/Program Files/CARIS/BASE Editor/5.3/python/3.5

For a BDB Server installation:

set pythonpath=%pythonpath%;C:/Program Files/CARIS/BDB Server/5.3/python/3.5


If using Python 3.4, replace 3.5 in the path with 3.4.

To permanently set this environment variable in the operating system:

  • Navigate to the system settings in Control Panel > System > Advanced tab.
  • Click Environment Variables.
  • Under System variables, click New.
  • Enter the variable name pythonpath and variable value C:/Program Files/CARIS/BASE Editor/5.3/python/3.5 (or variation as outlined above).


%pythonpath%; is only needed when defining the variable in a command line session.

Testing Python

To test the Python bindings for BDB Server:

  • Open a Windows Command Prompt window and navigate to the Python installation folder.

  • Start the Python console interface by typing “Python” and pressing Enter.

  • Enter the following:

    import caris.bathy.db

If there are no errors or warnings generated after executing this statement, the Python bindings for BDB Server have been successfully configured.