class caris.Feature

The feature.

Adds a related Feature to this Feature’s relationships.


feature (Feature) – The related feature to add.

delete((Feature)self) → None :

Deletes the feature.

Returns related features of the given feature code.


feature_code (str) – The feature code of the related features


A list of features of the given code that are related.

Return type


Removes a related Feature from this Feature's relationships.


feature (Feature) – The related feature to remove.

restore((Feature)self) → None :

Restores the feature if it’s been deleted.

property attributes

AttributeDictionary: The metadata of this Feature

property crs

CoordinateReferenceSystem: The coordinate reference system of the Feature

property dataset

Dataset: The Dataset containing this Feature

property definition

FeatureDefinition: The definition of the Feature

property geometry

Geometry: The geometry of the Feature

property related_features

list of Feature: A list of related features