What's New in

S-57 Composer

Jun 20


S-58 Edition 6.0 Support

S-57 Composer now supports ENC validation based on the new S-58 Edition 6.0 (May 2017) Standard.

  • S-57 Composer’s internal and customized quality control tests have been reorganized, rewritten and extended as needed to match S-58 Edition 6.0.
  • New check messages were added to tests, and descriptions were re-worded for S-58 Edition 6.0.
  • New S-58 test collections have been created that can be used to quickly determine if your ENCs pass the new mandatory S-58 Ed 6.0 Critical Error tests, as well as S-58 Errors and S-58 Warnings checks.

As a result, ENC datasets produced and validated by S-57 Composer 3.1 conform to S-58 Edition 6.0 and exceed its minimum validation requirements.


S-100 Product Support and Enhancements

An S-100 product creation wizard leads you through the initial creation of S-100 products including S-101 ENC; S-121 Maritime Boundaries; and S-411 Sea Ice Coverage. Custom S-100 products can also be defined and processed. The attributes and spatial attributes grids support the creation, viewing and editing of S-100 complex attributes and attributes with multiplicity of values.

  • Revisions have been made to the S-101 catalogue to make it compliant with the latest S-101 DCEG (March 2016).
  • S-57 to S-101 Mapping has been revised to match these changes.
  • A new S-101 to S-57 Mapping has been added to enable conversion of S-101 datasets back to the current S-57 standard.

S-100 products can be exported to ISO/IEC8211 for S-101 ENCs; and S-100 GML for S-100 overlay and custom products.


64-bit operating system compatibility

S-57 Composer 3.1 is officially supported on the Windows 7 and Windows 10 operating systems. As announced previously, with this release Teledyne CARIS has discontinued the distribution of the 32-bit option for S-57 Composer releases. Only 64-bit installations of S-57 Composer 3.1 will be provided that are compatible with Windows 7 and 10 64-bit operating systems.

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