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Aug 08


Tiled Raster Products

HPD 3.2 expands the range of products that can be output from your data. The Tiled Raster Product functionality creates images from one or multiple Source usage(s) that can be distributed individually or served as background data for on-line services.


Atlas (Chart Books)

The new Atlas production capabilities will help you organize chart books, for small craft charts and river charts, into packages along with additional documents, which can be customized and updated during chart maintenance operations. These capabilities will be associated with the Publications Module.


Automation with CARIS Batch

CARIS Batch processes have been created to support both of the new Tiled Raster and Atlas product functionality.

CARIS Batch processes are now available to Add, Delete and Update features in HPD Source or Products database, which offers new possibilities for automation and improved efficiency.


Single Sign-On Access

CARIS HPD 3.2 users with Oracle® 12c can now implement a single sign-on protocol, using the Windows credentials, for all HPD applications, including HPD users and groups.

HPD Application database login dialog box, showing the option to use your Windows credentials.


Improved paper chart presentation

HPD 3.2 brings extensive improvements to the chart presentation styles (INT1 and INT1-v2.0), ensuring better conformity with the IHO S-4 Ed 4.6.0 Apr 2016 standard. The enhanced symbol library, presentation and marginalia instructions bring the first cut of a chart much closer to a print-ready state. Furthermore, organizations that wish to adopt the compilation of cartographic features directly in the Source can now implement this optional workflow with HPD 3.2.

Improved paper chart presentation is now available. Cartography can now be maintained in the Source for those sites who require such workflows.


Certified platforms

HPD 3.2 is certified on the Windows 7 and Windows 10 platforms, for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Support for the Oracle 12c database is also available with HPD 3.2, with continued support for Oracle 11g.


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