S-100 Services

Introducing S-100 Services for Safe and Optimized e-Navigation

The Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS), Teledyne CARIS (CARIS) and ECC/PRIMAR (PRIMAR) are partnering on a pilot project to implement an innovative data service to deliver S-100 products. The S-100 Service is focusing initially on S-102 bathymetric surface and S-111 surface current products but is expected to support additional S-100 products as the system enters operational service.

The IHO S-100 specification defines the data framework for the next generation electronic navigational charting products, as well as other digital products of importance for marine and hydrographic communities. In particular, the S-102 bathymetric surface is a digital elevation model that represents the seafloor in a regular grid and can be used as a standalone product or as an overlay on an electronic navigation system.

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The S-100 Services bring benefits to the maritime community

  • Strengthen safety of navigation
  • Innovate standardized service delivery
  • Unlock the potential of marine geospatial data
  • Provide dynamic data for environmental intelligence


Powered by CARIS Cloud Technologies

The S-100 Service consists of software components developed by PRIMAR and Teledyne CARIS, that allow uploading, hosting, managing and delivering S-100 data products to end-users.

Teledyne CARIS provides the solution Bathy DataBASE to automate the creation of S-102 bathymetric products using the hydrographic organization’s bathymetry data. These products are automatically uploaded to the CARIS Cloud as soon as they are approved by CHS for distribution.

Once available in the CARIS cloud, PRIMAR will access these datasets and will update PRIMAR’s Chart Catalogue. The Chart Catalogue is an application that manages the subscription and delivery of ENC and bathymetry data products to distributors / value-added resellers (VARs) and to end-users.


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Want to know more?

For more details about the S-100 Service visit the Canadian Hydrographic Service and Primar.

or contact Teledyne CARIS