CARIS Delivers its Most Advanced Bathymetric Data Management Solution

CARIS is pleased to announce the release of Bathy DataBASE 2.2, implementing the very latest technology available to address the obstacles of storing and managing large volumes of multi-dimensional data.

With the ever-expanding volume of multibeam survey data and the large number of archived historical data sources, a data management system specializing in bathymetry management is essential.

Already adopted by the world's most progressive hydrographic agencies, Bathy DataBASE software is used to create and manage bathymetric surfaces generated from full density soundings. It allows users to validate, prepare and compile bathymetric data from multiple formats and sources to create products.

Bathy DataBASE 2.2 includes the new CSAR technological framework developed by CARIS for managing huge volumes of data. With its sophisticated, multi-resolution, multi-attributed georeferenced grid it can support billions of gridded soundings.

Further, Bathy DataBASE 2.2 also supports fully dynamic 3D point clouds, allowing for rapid visualization in 2D and 3D and handling hundreds of millions of multi-attributed points.

"Version 2.2 will stimulate users to a new level of data management, visualization and analysis," explains Karen Cove, CARIS Bathy DataBASE Product Manager. "Whether the need is to automatically create highly accurate bathymetric products like decimetric contours or to visualize data seamlessly in 3D, the robust and scalable environment of Bathy DataBASE is one that will meet user demands today and tomorrow."

Published 2009-03-06

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