CARIS Bathymetric Data Management System for Taiwan

The Institute of Harbor and Marine Technology (IHMT) in Taiwan has selected CARIS Bathy DataBASE software for management of large bathymetric data sets, interoperability and distribution.

The major duties of the IHMT include: research and development of harbor and ocean-related engineering techniques; education and training of engineers in related professions and resolution of practical problems associated with harbor or marine construction and coastal zone development.

Like other hydrographic organizations and marine institutes, IHMT is facing expanding volumes of raw multibeam survey data, large numbers of archived historical data sources, increased demand for and distribution of products and a desire to make use of new and historical data in the creation of products. In an effort to continue to meet this mandate, they are looking to CARIS database-driven technology.

Working with CARIS Alliance Partner and reseller, RITI Technology Inc., Taiwan, IHMT first implemented CARIS Hydrographic Production Database (HPD) for the management of hydrographic features and nautical chart products. In this next evolution towards a database-driven enterprise, IHMT has selected Bathy DataBASE for the management of the source bathymetry from which cartographic features are derived.

Using Bathy DataBASE software, IHMT will create and manage bathymetric surfaces generated from full density soundings. In the Ping-to-Chart workflow, Bathy DataBASE sits between data processing and validation and hydrographic data management and production. The software suite will allow IHMT to validate, prepare and compile bathymetric data from multiple formats and sources. The database storage will also facilitate effective management of the source bathymetry information while providing IHMT with streamlined tools for bathymetry product creation (i.e. depth contours, depth areas, etc.) to transition to HPD.

IHMT will receive the Bathy DataBASE training on the software onsite at their office in July.

Published 2008-07-02

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