CARIS World Tour - Washington DC

From April 26 to 28, CARIS commenced its World Tour of training, demonstrations, and information sessions on CARIS software at the U.S. national capital of Washington, D.C. Hosted in the city centre, CARIS users from various government and private sectors enjoyed detailed presentations, hands-on training, learning about the new technology and innovations throughout the CARIS software suite. 

The first day saw several senior managers attend, with a focus on high level software use, and strategies for hydrographic data processing. This included an introduction to CARIS’ new data centric approach to handling extremely large data sets for multiple uses.

Day two was aimed at data processors and introduced the group to CARIS Onboard™. Demonstrations and interactive opportunities illustrated how the timeline from data acquisition to final product can be significantly reduced. The attendees were then shown how CARIS is pioneering the introduction of Variable Resolution surface models that efficiently store and represent bathymetric measurements. Finally the group had some hands-on experience using the new SIPS multibeam backscatter data processing tool to generate mosaics. 

Day three many of the attendees came from Federal national mapping agencies and the day focused on cartographic applications including efficient data storage, DNC production and S-100 standards.  

The CARIS World Tour continues. Be sure to register and attend one of our next stops.

Hope to see you there!

May 17 to19, 2016 - Bologna, Italy

July 26 to 28, 2016 - Wellington, New Zealand

For a complete list of CARIS World Tour workshops, visit:

Published 2016-05-12

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