Announcing Teledyne CARIS

On May 3, 2016 the acquisition of CARIS by Teledyne Technologies Incorporated was finalized.

By acquiring CARIS, Teledyne adds critical capabilities in geospatial software that complement its marine instrumentation and digital imaging businesses. CARIS will allow Teledyne to extend its scope by providing the complete software workflow needed to convert marine sensor data into rich geospatial datasets and marine data products. Through Teledyne, CARIS will have access to additional markets, such as terrestrial and bathymetric LiDAR and satellite data capture, plus greater financial resources and an extended global presence in the marine and imaging industries.

Teledyne CARIS, Inc. will continue to make operational decisions locally, and in Canada will be integrated administratively with Teledyne DALSA, Inc., Teledyne's principal Canadian operating company. Offices in the Netherlands, USA, UK and Australia will continue to operate as before, reporting to Teledyne CARIS in Canada.

Teledyne CARIS will continue to pursue its core business and operate with its record of honesty and integrity. While it will complement Teledyne's marine instrumentation companies, Teledyne CARIS will broaden its support for a wide range of sensor systems and data standards across the hydrographic industry. Teledyne CARIS, Inc. will continue to support the entire hydrographic workflow, and build on its strength in chart production and management. All CARIS products, including HPD, Bathy DataBASE, and HIPS and SIPS will continue to be developed and supported.

The role of General Manager of Teledyne CARIS is now held by Mr. Doug Lockhart, formerly Director of Business Strategy for Teledyne Marine Sensors and Systems. Dr. Salem Masry will be involved in an advisory capacity, while Dr. Mark Masry, will continue as the Chief Technology Officer.

Published 2016-05-12

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